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tallricefarmer tallricefarmer

i am tall, and i farm rice. Photo is of me at my farm and not AI generated from the prompt "tall rice farmer"

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Pi Day
  • Cheesecake is pie though

  • Do you know any mobile games that don't suck?
  • Lichess! To waste time, but to feel smart about it.

    I love it though

  • Lebowski.Social turns ONE year old!
  • That's a hell of a caucasian, Jackie

  • Running General Chat - Weekly Thread Sat 13 July 2024
  • My only window to run in the summer is from 5:30am - 7:00am because it gets over 80ยฐF quickly after 7. Slept in today. It was nice. Happy Saturday yall!

  • Golden
  • damn the guy lied himself into a pretty deep hole. it is a shame he felt suicide was his only option. sure his reputation was ruined, but he was young. he could have started a new life elsewhere

  • Little known US Cricket Team Wins Unlikely Match Against Pakistan
  • After repeating this news to my Indian wife, she didn't believe me. She even called it fake news lol. "From the NY Times?", I asked. She said there must be some mistake and still doesn't believe it. That is how surprising this match result is.

  • A map of the British Empire in America (1746)
  • I guess it was hard to map out ish on the west/east axis which is why Florida is janky. Things look a lot more proportional north/south

  • Timezone changes between 1923 and 2023
  • France amd Spain being +1 is apparently a relic from the 40s when Germany occupied France and the Spanish government felt they needed to switch to appease Germany. It is kinda funny neither switched back.

  • What kind of jelly do you use for your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
  • blackberry jam is actually the best for pbj

  • What kind of jelly do you use for your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?
  • whaaa? really? so slap pb on one slice and sriracha on another and go to town?

  • DS9 The Visitor
  • and it's all come back to me. thanks!

  • Luka puts Gobert on skates to take the lead with 3s left. Mavs take game 2.
  • ah i am dumb. idk why i thought you were talking about long term changes

  • DS9 The Visitor
  • wtf lol. i don't remember this. what is the context?

  • DS9 The Visitor
  • Did Miles and Kira have any memorable interactions?

  • Luka puts Gobert on skates to take the lead with 3s left. Mavs take game 2.
  • I wouldn't make drastic changes if i am the wolves. I'd like to see this core sync more and improve

  • My watch is such a hater.

    I have been working on my 5k time, and today I ran at near race intensity to see where i was at. My watch has been estimating my 5k time to be around 31 minutes. Well today I ran it under 28. I go see what it had to say about this, and it drops its estimation to 30:30. "Ok bruh, I see what you're about now.", I say to it.

    Anyways I am interpreting this as a reminder that my watch doesn't replace a real coach, and I need to put more thought into my training.


    So racially he's pretty cool?


    My home came with security cameras already installed. What is a good dvr box I can use to control them?

    Each camera has its own analog connection wire. I am looking for a dvr box that I can connect to a home server and run something like Shinobi. I currently have this dvr box , but i don't think it can automatically forward video to a home server


    What is a term to describe expressing one's opinions with links and memes instead of words?

    My views on things often differ from those in my social circle. I am often bombarded with article links and videos from people with no words of their own attached. It is very easy to send a link. It takes a bit of effort to form a coherent paragraph expressing a single thought.

    I would describe this kind of communication as lazy and not very good. I am sure others experience this often as well. I am wondering if there is a proper term for it, or if it is worth trying to coin a term for it.


    Game doesn't start on debian

    It has been a couple weeks since i played, so I am not sure if patch 4 has anything to do with it. I have not found any posts about it not working on linux, so i was wondering if anyone else on linux or debian having trouble?

    edit: I switched to proton experimental and it works


    Jeff Van Gundy Wants To Know What Second Cousins Are Allowed To Do

    hiking tallricefarmer

    My backpack wears down my shoulders

    I have a ~22 inch torso. I bought the osprey poco plus child carrier which says it supports 22 inch torsos. I went a couple three hour hikes this weekend and my shoulders were done at the end of each. this isn't normal, right? I am thinking of trying another carrier, but i am worried there are no child carriers for tall people.