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Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Well there are bots that are influencing others and there are the influenced people.

    Biden wasn't losing in polls despite the narrative, he is also extremely good at foreign policy and also was able to sneak some progressive things in bills. I don't expect younger candidates to do well in that environment unless we get an absolute majority.

    While a younger candidate can encourage younger people to vote, we still don't know if Kamala (or whomever it will be) will do well in the swing states.

    I hope it will turn out well though.

  • What's Vance got to do with it?
  • I think he will invoke the 25th as soon as the inauguration happens.

    Trump has the base, but other than that he is there only for himself. He will only help if it helps himself as well.

    The shooter was likely on his own, but if there is a conspiracy that he was being helped it would most likely the GOP involved (right before convention, where GOP candidate was picked up, if the assassination was successful it would unite Republicans pretty much around anyone they would pick up).

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Biden was perfectly fine and IMO and him and his team do an excellent job at governing l, both domestically as well as with foreign policy (this looks like it was mostly him). He just let go of the pressure.

    I would vote for him (not just against trump, but I genuinely think he was good at his job), but will vote for whomever will be the replacement (because I don't want trump to win).

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • IMO what is happening are disinformation bots trying to discourage people from voting.

    It was first that you should stay home and not vote, because Democrats put an "old geezer who is not aware what is happening around him", now the same bots will be saying how Democrats were cheated by deciding their candidate without input of the voters, trying to replicate the upset that was over Bernie in 2016.

    IMO I think Biden was excellent at governing, and no one will be as good as him when taking with foreign leaders, as he knew them all and had a good relation with them.

    Having said that I will be voting for whomever Democrats put up (Kamala or anyone). I already got fooled to vote 3rd party in 2016 and won't make the same mistake.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • US elections are definitively complicated, but for no good reason. It is a lot because of the complex old laws, traditions, first-past-the-post and that primary elections don't happen together but individually in different states over a period of one year.

    If we would just use the popular vote to decide the election and use ranked choice voting we would have election done much faster and would pickup a candidate, that most people would be happy with.

    RCV already showed in Alaska that it makes it very hard for the least desirable candidate to win when there are two better candidates that people are divided over (i.e. with FPTP Palin (who most Alaskans hate) would normally win)

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • This was an astroturfing campaign covering our media and also via bots on social media.

    I watched the debate and while he was slower, and mixed up words he actually was aware of US goals and challenges (despite what media tried to imply), trump was more energetic but he was constantly spewing nonsense, and while part of it was lying as usual, part of it was clear that he was actually getting lost.

    I even wrote that in certain that if Biden steps down the same bots will start campaign how Democrats were cheated to discourage them from voting (like it was worth Bernie).

    I'm definitively voting for Kamala now no matter what ridiculous bullshit they will come up on her on September-October (you can be sure there will be some scandal that will turnout to be nothing burger after election). I got fooled (like a lot of people) in 2016 to vote 3rd party and we got trump.

    Republicans are actually a minority they can only win if they discourage enough people from voting. That's why they are against laws that that make voting easier.

    I actually was hoping Biden would run as he has great experience with foreign leaders as well as very successful reaching compromises and passing bills that otherwise wouldn't fly.

    As I say though I will 100% vote for Kamala (or whomever will be the democratic candidate), definitively not the fascist party and in fact anyone on Democrats side looks good.

  • Make it stop.
  • I see them everywhere. The most insulting one was at sprinkles where I had to place order in the POS myself and the guy was just handing me a box from the shelf right behind him.

  • Make it stop.
  • Whenever those POS ask for a tip I always click "no tip" and I learned to not worry about what someone else will think. I felt pressured the first time, but I learned that nothing happens if you don't give a tip. I believe those go straight to the owner anyway.

    I still have some hangups about when I am in a restaurant and I still do tip as this is still expected. I just stopped going to restaurants, and I only end up there is someone drags me in.

    I hate that whole tip cancer culture, which essentially exists to cheat me to think I'm paying less.

  • Fascism is Capitalism in Decay
  • Well, drugs is obvious, but covid is also known to cause cognitive issues:

    I mean there were some signs earlier (of course those who know him will say he always was an asshole, but at least he was better at masking it) it was 2020 when he went full bonkers.

  • Fascism is Capitalism in Decay
  • In that case he miscalculated, because the Tesla is failing at the benefit of the competition.

    Tesla did help to cross the chasm for EV, but instead of maintaining lead in the area it is right now on the path to irrevelance and largely thanks to Musk.

    As for the prices, I don't know what country you live in, but in the US EVs now cost about the same as ICE.

    Also for cyber truck, yeah that's a total failure. I mean I see few of them in my area, but it feels like people bought it more to show that can spend that much, but it feels like they have some regret. Right now I see more and more people covering them with wraps too make them look a little bit nicer. I expect that they will quickly disappear.

  • Fake Reddit comments generated by AI?

    So I ran Power Delete Suite as I periodically do. I have it configured to edit a comment and then delete it. It deletes comments that are older than 1 week old.

    What was unusual was that within minutes I got the red envelope. And looking at it there was a response to a comment that I wrote 2 years ago.

    So first thing is that as many were saying Reddit undeletes comments. I initially ignored that I saw some comments that I thought were deleted, but I assume it was because subreddits were locked and that's why they were invisible to Power Delete Suite, but this was on r/programming which was unlocked for quite some time (not sure if it ever was locked).

    Second thing is the response within minutes.

    So my 2 year old comment still exists and it's not showing up on my profile. I wouldn't even know about it is not for that response.

    Of course this could be a coincidence, the account that responded to me is 9 years old, the content of it seems normal, although I saw comments on r/ChatGPT.

    Though the timing bugs me off. If the comment is not from a real person maybe when Reddit restored it the AI code thought it was a new comment and responded to it.

    Another thing that contributes to my suspicion of chatbots being deployed is that I noticed since the API protest and after they unlocked subreddits is that I get more upvotes and more responses than I used to.

    Anyone observed something similar?