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Am I old now?
  • Indeed! The sad thing is, I got this phone because someone was giving it away because it has a "spicy pillow" battery. Samsung fucking glues their batteries into their phones, but I was able to carefully remove it and replace with a lot of work (and a new screen cause it practically shatters when touched).

    It was still cheaper than a new phone, but given it's on its second life, this phone is getting on in years. Those batteries basically just become bombs after a few years.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • Oh no, it's much better than that.

    Google suggests it's 8g per 100g, which on paper doesn't sound great but a package over here is around 2 bucks for 16oz, roughly 450g. Being conservative we could say 50 cents for 100g.

    8, 16, 24, 32 puts us a little under 2 bucks.

    That said, tofu is 5 servings of 70cal; the 100g isn't all calories. I'm guessing water? In any case, that eats into your cost effectiveness, putting it closer to the center than near the legumes where it really should be.

    Your mileage may vary though. Nuts are great, but peanuts only pull ahead because of how insanely cheap they can be. They're much fattier. Tofus great, though, if you prepare it as intended and not as some meat substitute like many Americans tend to do.

  • NASA Pride Rule
  • I guess you could say since earth is part of the solar system, the earth phenomena are space related (it's all about diversity anyway, why not include algae?). Plus what amateur astrophysicist hasn't had to deal with a cloudy night ruining a night if star gazing?

  • Connections #367 Wednesday 12 June 2024
  • Connections
    Puzzle #367.

    This one made my eyes glaze over, but despite my fears, none of the categories required movie trivia knowledge. Still super hard to figure out category order, though.

  • Never forget what they took from us...
  • True, if and when I ever get around to replaying things that could be a problem (although the industry has seen to remaking everything I cared about, sometimes poorly, but that's another problem).

    Another shout-out to the nerds running retroachevements though because they thought it that; they have an encore mode that let's you redo achievements. Although honestly you could just make a second account, that stuff is for emulated content anyway and it's not like it's DRMed, haha.

  • Never forget what they took from us...
  • Only silly people flaunt achievements. I use them as a meta-gaming guideline, which in a good game leads to interesting and fun challenges. In an RPG, it's like a check box for getting every ultimate weapon, fighting every boss, etc.

    Can also give me something to do in a game I've played but loved. Retroachevements for instance encouraged me replay SaGa (aka Final Fantasy Legend) with only one character in the team. Wasn't too hard, but definitely a second playthrough thing.

  • Heat Rules for California Workers Would Also Help Keep Schoolchildren Cool
  • Given school budgets, if they wanna go any lower they'll need to subside it better. Although most of the schools where I am already maintain a good temp.

    There's so many scenarios a rule like this would cover, too. In some places, and with some crumbling AC units, it'd probably cost a fortune to even reach 80. I know a relative up in Fresno who pays over 1k in electricity some months (although, no sympathy buying an overly large home in a place like that, something like 3k sqft takes a lot of air!).

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • Who's both charismatic, young, and intelligent? Don't get me wrong, I'm quite aware people lie to manipulate others (that's like all religions) but I don't think there's someone in the GOP, or are GOP aligned celebs, who fit the description. Like... who? The best they ran celeb-wise Dr. Oz and he's am uncharismatic weasel.

    Maybe two of the three, but even that's a stretch (DeSantis for instance might be two of three but I have doubts he's particularly intelligent; maybe by GOP standards). I guess someone could emerge but whoever they are, they ain't on my radar.

  • Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • She checks all the boxes unless you're the type to believe Republican spin (she was a bartender once but has more education than most GoP house members). I'm unfortunately sure she'll get the same DNC treatment as Sanders, though :/