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Mozilla is adding tab grouping, vertical tabs, profile management, and local AI features to Firefox
  • Maybe they should, but focusing on adding new features endlessly is how we ended up with this state of internet browsers. The most complex app running on a desktop are too big, it's basically impossible to create a new one. (Yes you can fork but that's just adding toppings to ice cream). The browser war ends only one way.

    If we break up the do-everything application into significant parts then a healthy "war" can exist. Why does a browser need to play video, you already have an app for that.

  • X Confirms Plan to Make 'Likes' Private, Remove Likes Tab From Profiles
  • It's a reference to ⛳ Tiger Woods PGA tour 2004

  • X Confirms Plan to Make 'Likes' Private, Remove Likes Tab From Profiles
  • I tried searching for this but couldn't find it, thanks.

  • Gemini is the new Google+
  • The Gemini I know is "an application-layer internet communication protocol for accessing remote documents, similar to HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and Gopher". It's not used much but it could be a useful alternative to the, now Google controlled, internet. Maybe Google named their project Gemini to obfuscate a potential competitor for simple web pages (or perhaps both project teams are bad at choosing names - if Gemini isn't a human cloning machine you're doing it wrong).

  • X is the worst social media app for LGBTQ+ people, says new report
  • "Install Windows into walls, not computers" - Leviticus line 5056. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

  • iPhones And Androids Can Now Warn You of 'Secret Trackers'
  • If Android could stop "warning" me to enable Google Play services 8 times a day that would be great.

  • Neuralink to implant 2nd human with brain chip as 75% of threads retract in 1st
  • I don't understand how one could think brain implants is a totally safe invention for a society. Did you consider more possibilities than just manipulating people into to physically attacking others?

  • Neuralink to implant 2nd human with brain chip as 75% of threads retract in 1st
  • There are people out there with short-range, wireless pacemakers with no security. Most just provide information you'd expect but some of them are also defibrillators (they can kill). As far as I know none have been harmed in an hacked attack but a hacked brain implant brings to mind more than just killing the owner. We may have an interest as a society in making this illegal because it's not worth the gamble to us for people's actions to be hijacked remotely.

  • U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • I used to think LGBT legal issues were just a case of speading information, but my hope in conversation is rock bottom.

    This appears to be a harmful action that can be more easily attributed to malice rather than protection. I expect some protests will contain violence in return.

  • U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • Is the most effective target not to just find another place to buy it illegally? Certainly more realistic that to have any affect in politics.

  • How do you make Linux more popular?
  • Hopefully most have a tech literate friend within their circle, and the wherewithal to test their assumptions. It falls to the tech literate create the alternatives and preach the values of software freedom.

  • Neuralink to implant 2nd human with brain chip as 75% of threads retract in 1st
  • Even the worst people in history were at some point just a child that we could have potentially saved. Even as an adult, or after doing evil, I think sympathy and compassion never stops being the right answer. It's just in practice we have to prioritise: the needy, the many.

  • Neuralink to implant 2nd human with brain chip as 75% of threads retract in 1st
  • If such a person doesn't deserve sympathy, who does?

  • How do you make Linux more popular?
  • Do we need to do anything? Microsoft updates do the bulk of the work - surely everyone has a last straw?

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  • Could be a Ternary operator.

    Now this thread contains more Technology than most Musk ones.

  • Twitter is fully now.
  • Peek Technology ! /s

  • Winamp has announced that it is opening up its source code to enable collaborative development of its legendary player for Windows
  • No mention of a license but it talks about being the "official version", suggesting one can fork it.

  • Introductory Antimemetics (SCP Orientation Tales) - video 22mins

    Hell of a first day.

    Video based on text story


    Cognitohazards are my favorite - at least.. I think I remember them being my favorite.

    SCP ●●|●●●●●|●●|● - Information and Safety Procedures

    A video taking on the difficult task to address an article with a unique format (my favorite "read"):


    They told me who you are.


    This sub looks empty, thought I'd post one of my favorite SCP videos.

    Got an old Cisco enterprise modem/router. Anything fun I can use it for at home?

    Work are chucking out a "Cisco 887VA-M" integrated services router.

    Anyone know if I can install some custom OS/firmware via the USB on the back?

    I expect this is just e-waste but maybe it has some use as emergency switch :)

    Source of the cute blanket emoji image of this community?

    I had not heard of a weighted blanket until I saw that image and searched for what it might refer to. Are they useful for adults too? Will ask my ADHD friend if they ever had one, might make a good gift.

    The image looks like it could be used as a real emoji (expressing comfort). Who made it? I would like to use the image if permission has been given (e.g. Creative Commons licence).

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