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How heterosexual couples met in the US
  • Based on the only "next" school category being college, I'd assume that "grade school" includes high school, even if that is not a common usage

  • We got ham
  • Needs more fan!

  • I'm harvesting even more strawbs than last year I can't believe it
  • Holy fuck it is unfair that you have all those strawbs

  • The "xylo" is greek for wood
  • My fave part is when Ripley fights the xylophone queen in the mech outfit

  • hows the air up there lol
  • Casting is a little difficult, most of the best actors are past their prime - you might even say fossils..

  • Anyone playing NYT Strands?
  • We've been playing it at work, sometimes it's really easy and other times really hard. We try to do it "perfect": no hints and getting the spangram first. A couple times I even did it without finding any other words at all, but only once. Really depends on if you can figure out the theme in my experience... Sometimes they are very obtuse like Saturday nyt crossword clues

  • what's your favorite kanban board?
  • It may be the worst one, but it's the one everyone at my company uses. Having multiples is worse than having a bad one.

  • Amen
  • This might be as close as we're going to get for now:

  • Oregon man who drugged daughter's friends with insomnia medication at sleepover gets prison term
  • Oh no, worse? How bad are we talking?

    Are they gonna form a punk rock band too?

    Maybe they'll be gasp dancing?

    I sure hope they don't try to go to college!

  • Doom: The Dark Ages is an origin story for the Doom Slayer's rage
  • I have heard of it, but only recently. Never tried to run it myself. Definitely a strange artifact of it's time!

  • Doom: The Dark Ages is an origin story for the Doom Slayer's rage
  • I'll play pretty much anything called DOOM at least once

  • [OC] The view from Belfry clock tower in Bruges, Belgium
  • It's like a fuckin fairytale, innit

  • Where have you never been, but is close to you?
  • Almost same, I only went because some friends were visiting and they wanted to go. It's fine.

  • Appa?
  • Jean Jacket?

  • How to ldentify that Light in the Sky
  • Perhaps look closer at the "yes" and "no" on the arrows which are a very important (although small) part of this decision tree

  • How to ldentify that Light in the Sky
  • Any of the non-terminal nodes

  • What's the rule for which 'national identity adjective' suffix to use?
  • I'm a Connecticutian by birth. Though I've also heard someone call themselves Connecticuter once or twice, but never cared for that one.

    Either one seems to break a lot of normal grammar/spelling rules.

  • What's the rule for which 'national identity adjective' suffix to use?
  • As an outsider I'll say that "Kiwi" is an awesome name for you folks.

    (hope I don't assume too much based on the instance name)

  • [Solved] What kind of spider is this?

    About 1.5 to 2 inches across. Found in Santa Cruz, CA

    Edit: Thanks all for your responses!


    New single from Froglord: Frogman

    New track out today. The video has them running around the woods, hiding from a cryptid frog/man hybrid, playing drums on a log. You know, usual stuff.

    Spotify link

    Apparently this is the title track to a movie being released soon (maybe also today?) according to the band's instagram


    Maybe not goblincore but definitely goblincore-adjacent

    I've been listening to Froglord a lot lately and after looking through a few posts in this community I thought you fine folk might appreciate it