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Internet Archive is continuing to face DDoS attacks after several days, says “this attack has been sustained, impactful, targeted, adaptive, and importantly, mean”
  • Who else is better equipped? In my view it would solely depend on the lawyers that internet archive hires, and money plays a big factor in that.

    Also, internet archive is going through the route process of how legislation gets overturned or upheld. Just because you perceive them as unworthy to bear the challenge doesn’t make that true, and as a result your commitment to not support them because they aren’t the one true chosen is ill-informed.

  • "Don't Be Weak and Gay," a Missouri GOP Candidate Tells Voters in a New Campaign Ad
  • “In America, you can be anything you want. So don’t be weak and gay. Stay fucking hard,” Gomez instructs viewers in the video, delivering one of the most unintentionally homoerotic lines of the 21st century so far.

  • Texas mom says police held her face in pile of fire ants, covering head and neck with hundreds of bite marks
  • Correct, not even for serial killers. Police are not judge, jury, and executioner. They apprehend suspects, and the courts first prove that the suspect did the crime beyond a shadow of a doubt, and then if found guilty the courts decide the punishment which cannot be cruel and unusual and the punishment must fit the crime. For murdering 1k families it would be life in prison or the death sentence.

    When the justice system was founded it was established with a number one priority of protecting the innocent, with a priority of avoiding false convictions. Otherwise, a king with absolute authority could order you to be executed by pouring molten metal down your mouth and on your face for the crime of flipping him the bird. your neighbor accusing you of talking ill of the king even though you never said anything of the sort.

  • US Lemmys what could Biden do in the next 6 months to EARN your vote? (other than just not being Trump)
  • Reading up on him, he has implemented initiatives for employee safety during delivery, improved sorting machines, and implementing a 2 cent increase in the price of forever stamps to try to make the usps service lose less money, all of which I like.

    But I do think the USPS not adopting a fleet of electric vehicles a few years back was a mistake.

    Anyways, I think he’s a net positive. And Biden can’t remove him directly, he would have to be voted out by a committee board.

  • Climate change: Last summer hottest in 2,000 years, trees reveal
  • Later in the article

    The warmest summer in the tree ring reconstruction before industrial times was year 246, but the researchers say that even this does not come close to the recent warmth.

    Even taking account of the large uncertainties, the authors say summer 2023 surpassed this range of natural climate variability by 0.5C at the very least.

    It is also worth looking at the graph later in the article, which shows that over the past 2k years the temperature has maintained a baseline, and post-industrial era it turned into a hockey stick.

  • NYPD gropes and unbuttons the shirt of a handcuffed woman at Pro Palestine student protest
  • They don’t undress the person being searched in the demo video, and they point out that they are searching around the breast and not the breast itself. Maybe practices differ in NY but you have to admit the unbuttoned shirt is weird, the point being a pat down is not the same as a strip search.

  • Do your sleep dreams include mobile phones?
  • One time I knew I was dreaming and I dreamt something I wanted to remember when I was awake. So I whipped out my iPhone and opened up the notes tab. I was halfway through writing when I realized it wouldn't be on my waking life phone when I awoke.

  • Why can't people make ai's by making a neuron sim and then scaling it up with a supercomputer to the point where it has a humans number of neurons and then raise it like a human?
  • Hardware limitations. A model that big would require millions of video cards, thousands of terabytes of storage, and hundreds of terabytes of ram.

    This is also where AI ethics plays into whether such a model should exist in the first place. People are really scared of AI but they don’t know that ethics standards are being enforced at the top level.

    Edit: get Elon Musk on the phone, he’s deranged enough to spend that much money on something like this while ignoring the ethical and moral implications /s

  • Biden condemns university antiwar protests, says 'Order must prevail'
  • “Violent protest is not protected — peaceful protest is," the president said. "It’s against the law when violence occurs. Destroying property is not a peaceful protest."

    The president also said “no” to a separate shouted question asking whether he thinks the National Guard should intervene in the campus protests.

    The President is condemning violent protest and destruction of property here. It is still disheartening that this hasn’t changed his stance on Israel/Palestine.

  • Tesla will likely be the market leader in self-driving technology and it's a good thing
  • Ford’s Blue Cruise is pretty dang good, I have a hard time imagining Tesla is doing a better job. Tesla also has major problems with its leadership, and that culture inevitably flows down to development teams, so I definitely don’t trust their software.