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What's the best wax-on-wax-off-style advice you've heard that you can attest as being helpful in certain situations?
  • “Confidence coffee”.

    Let me explain; when you go on stage, you’re nervous and you need some water because your mouth dries out. Bring water in a mug/travel mug.

    It’s self regulating. The dryer your mouth is, the more you need to drink water. The more you appear to sip coffee while publicly speaking, the more relaxed you look.

    Compare to swigging from a water bottle; your nerves are on public display.

    Confidence coffee=water in an opaque coffee container.

  • What's your most unpopular opinion about music ?
  • My friends and I have recently been doing some shared tours through particular artists back catalogue. As a result I recently went through all of Queen’s back catalogue; there is a lot of shit in there. I didn’t realise that their hits, while stand out, were spread out over such a long catalogue of odd mediocre songs.

  • Firefox 126: New Search Data Telemetry, Improved Copy Without Site Tracking, Security Fixes, and More
  • If you go through my comment history you’ll find me saying, multiple times, that Mozilla has worked itself into this problem, by adding far more people than they need. The browser would be healthier, I suspect, if there was a 50-strong, open-collective backed, dev team working on just the browser. At the minute the org is enormous and they now need to find a way to pay for that enormous org.

  • Go vs Rust learning
  • I do think Zig is better for this kind of thing.

    const ret = try do_thing();
    if( ret ) | result | {

    The try keyword returns any error up; the if-unwrap works with what came out of a successful call. Normally you wouldn’t have both, of course.

    do_thing would be defined as a union of an error (a distinct kind of type, so it can be reasoned about with try, catch and unwrapping) and the wrapped return value.

  • Firefox 126: New Search Data Telemetry, Improved Copy Without Site Tracking, Security Fixes, and More
  • For the love of Darwin, really?

    Any product manager needs data about how a product is used to make the product better. Of course they need to test if moving a button to a different place leads to an easier to understand setting screen; or if moving extensions into a separate menu means fewer people find the malicious extension and turn it off.

    I’ll be the first person to say that Mozilla is bigger than it needs to be and their org size isn’t justified by their results. But to think collecting data automatically makes them suspect seems to me lazy. It’s what they do with the data that counts.

  • What horror story/movie/game/whatever terrifies you even though it's fictional?
  • By a country mile the “best” book I’ve read. I think the film does an admirable job of staying within and delivering the message of the book without being “not suitable for release without cuts” in some territories. I mean the baby spit roast isn’t really something one can put to film and expect to get license to release everywhere around the world.

    But funnily enough the book actually aims for, and IMHO hits, a completely different message than that of dread; for me, it makes me wholeheartedly appreciate the world, nature, and the good deeds we do for each other. It is also, and I’m aware I’m breaking no ground here, a treatise on love, fatherhood and courage. It makes me appreciate that, despite everything, we are still incredible blessed to live in today’s world.

    It is quite simply sensational.

    By the way, while very different in tone, Station Eleven really hit the same note for me; appreciate what you’ve got, it might just disappear.

  • Professional Scientists of Lemmy: What is your field of study's, most complex unanswered question?
  • My brother works in molecular biology; he tells me the field’s understanding of peptides have only just begun and it’s only through machine learning that they are now starting to make progress. 99% seem to be post-translational garbage, the other 1% is likely to be the basis of a revolution of treatment options.

  • Stack Overflow Users Are Revolting Against an OpenAI Deal | WIRED
  • Discord is honestly the most awful way to create a helpful community.

    It’s a great way to give the 20 most active members of the community someplace to trample on top of newbies trying to get questions answered.

  • Leopards Ate My Face sunbeam60 We need more EU workers, admits leading Tory Brexiter

    George Eustice, the former environment secretary, is calling for a reciprocal visa scheme so that under-35s can work across the EU and Britain

    We need more EU workers, admits leading Tory Brexiter
    It would be awesome if wefwef did this

    Three posts, across the fediverse, point to exactly the same link, with the same post text.

    I would just love it if wefwef could collapse these into one (“Seen in 3 communities”) and then collapse the comments into one mega-thread.

    This is the downside of federation...

    I’d love it if client-side processing could collapse these posts into one.

    Subscribing to kbin magazines?

    Given both kbin and lemmy are part of the fediverse, I would expect to be able to subscribe to by searching for [email protected] - but nothing shows up.

    What am I doing wrong?

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