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Anon reinvents something dark
  • Soviet gulags are probably closer to this innovative anon vision than german camps. More work, less purposeful death. Still awful, but not surprising coming from shithole like soviet union.

  • E-scooters leave a wake of broken bones and fractured skulls | Fred Grimm
  • Scooters with its small wheels and standing position are definitely more dangerous for the rider than bicycles. But micromobility is the future.

    I just hope more riders who share the space with pedestrians realize that they should be more attentive.

  • What tools do you use to choose a new phone?

    There are many ways and tools to choose your next device, but some are better than others. How do you do it?

    I'll begin - I tend to use Kimovil, however it lacks pricing for many devices and thus makes the process harder. Has many filters though, from headphone jack to different 5G and 4G bands.