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Elon Musk bets Tesla on Optimus, says over 1,000 robots working in factories next year
  • Robots? From the guy that get automatic wipers to work? Every other car maker has automatic windshield wipers that work better than this genius’s version. He can’t even invent things that already exist.

    Everything will go great until in the middle of another drug-induced 3 am tweetstorm he announces the robots must be made of adamantium and use bubblegum as sensors to save money.

  • Recently bought a house and sewer smell is coming out of floor drain. Any cheap fix you guys can recommend?
  • If you don’t have a P-trap in your floor drain, the correct thing to do is add one.
    If you’d like to avoid that, there are devices made that claim to keep out sewer gasses from floor drains. I’ve not used them, so I can’t say how well they do/don’t work. I searched for “floor drain check valve”.

  • Boeing sales tumble as the company gets no orders for the 737 Max for the second straight month
  • True, but in my experience, selling stock publicly is the ticket to hell. No matter how much of your company you think you still own, you’re going to be driven to make higher profits every quarter, no matter the cost. If you don’t comply, they will replace you with someone who will.

  • [Gamesfromscratch] Did Adobe Just %#@$ Up?
  • I’m feeling this so much right now. Trying to learn FreeCAD. The interface is so unintuitive. I’m no stranger to CAD.

    The program is so irregular, inconsistent… Things that should work give unintelligible errors.

    Sure, it’s pre-release 0.22, but so frustrating. Their support forums are unhelpful/unfriendly at StckOverflow levels, just without the nice interface.

    Save me the “but it’s free, you should contribute to it if you don’t like it. I know it’s free. I’ve donated. I’m looking for an Open solution, not another hobby.

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk could leave if $56 billion pay package not approved, shareholders warned
  • I doubt Tesla is as good of craftsmanship as what Apple typically does

    If you want to maintain that feeling, don’t ever buy Beats headphones. I’ve had a few and their build quality is worse than Teslas.

    So Apple has bought at least one crummy brand and not corrected build issues.

  • Oxygen
  • In high school, there was a minor tradition of trolling the chemistry teacher during his talks about air. One student would say, “If I can’t see it, I don’t believe it.”

    Of course the teacher would fall for it hook, line and sinker and the rest of the hour was spent arguing for air while the student would just repeat the same line again and again.

    Good for me to remember that trolling and the resulting flame wars were around even before the internet. :-)

  • Donald Trump's "foamy saliva" in campaign video raises questions
  • the people who deal with him on a day to day basis have any respect for him whatsoever.

    I find that even more chilling. The number of people that know him and despise him, but are willing to toe the line and throw everything away just for a shot at more money.

  • Brown Sriracha?

    Has Huy Fong Sriracha changed color?

    Saw a bunch of bottles at the store today, but instead of their usual brick-red color, the sauce was almost brown. I checked the expiration dates on a few bottles -- the date was June of 2026 (or there abouts, don't remember the exact date), so they weren't expired. Anyone know if these Sriracha bottles are unusual, or is Sriracha brown now?


    What are the top processes that degrade pollen?

    Grass, weed, tree, just some of the sources of pollen that can send our allergies off.

    In my experience, I’ll react (itchy eyes, etc.) for a day or two, then it will wane. Certainly the pollen I’m reacting to doesn’t magically disappear in a day. What processes do I have to thank that allow me to suffer only a relatively short time? Are the allergen in pollen unstable and break down quickly on their own? Are there bacteria or other life forms that are helping to break the allergens down?

    Tearing eyes and draining noses want to know!


    In the Dune universe, why not use laser weapons as bombs?

    In the Dune universe, when a laser weapons hits a shield, both are destroyed in a nuclear explosion reaction.

    So instead of building nuclear weapons, wouldn’t it be easier to tie a timer and a “parachute” to a laser gun and drop it from orbit onto your enemy’s city?