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Elon Musk confirms his threat: give me 25% of Tesla or you don't get AI and robotics
  • He was simply made to follow the law. Then he tried to spin it as that being akin to "being forced". Basically, he signed contracts he didn't understand and probably thought the other side would not follow through.

    If that's "being forced" then any transaction where you put in a written, signed order and then if you try to cancel the order, the seller says "no dice, you committed yourself", would mean "you are forced into it".

  • Linux Inventor Says He Doesn’t Believe in Crypto
  • Never heard it commonly used as a short form for "cryptography". But did hear it commonly used for "Cryptocurrency". Why not let the morons have it? Do you have a scam running that relies on "Crypto" being short for "Cryptography"? Using "cool" brevs is the mark of the amateur anyway, if someone said "crypto" to me when he meant cryptography, I'd forever judge them as a silly person.

  • Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  • I recommend the latest book by Peter Pomerantsev about the English guy who was in charge of counter-propaganda against Nazi Germany in WW2. I’m not through with it yet but it’s crazy what methods he used to get through to the German soldiers and general public. Basically he found out the reason why people follow obvious evil guys like Hitler, Trump, and Putin is because their showy evilness allows their followers to live out their own worst tendencies without feeling guilt. The only way to tackle that was to clandestinely give them a way to live out their best tendencies and reward them for it, because he thought that people enjoy being good even more than being evil. Although in the case of MAGA I guess it’s harder to find such a thing than with Nazi foot soldiers back in the days.

  • Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  • It's a bit more complicated: In your example, if someone from the outgroup (e.g. a liberal person or in general someone who isn't as mindless and as purely driven by hedonism) suggests that "they" should prefer a different coffee chain, they'll dig in and go to Starbucks even more because by doing that, you gave them another tool to feel like they're rebelling against the "elites", i.e. going to Starbucks went from something they did because they were uneducated to a new source of their personal and group identity. There's no easy solution to bring people to live in their own best interest when they are so adamant to make every little aspect of their lifestyle into a culture war battleground. It's exactly as hard and prone to fail, as getting people out of a cult.

  • Big Tech to EU: "Drop Dead"
  • It's a timeline. tech companies have become much worse, and people warning about them more vocal, so the lower educated classes who mindlessly use their products have (partially) woken up to the real motives of companies who create "free to use" products, i.e. data mining. In the EU, we have a lot of dummies who we call "remote controlled", who want to simulate a version of the US lifestyle (huge cars, celebrity adulation, eating like shit, single-issue voting, vapidness). These mainly teenagers but regrettably also low-class adults. Those are also the people who still use social networks because they have nothing else going on and are too lazy to invest their free time in worthwhile activities. So it's a class issue, the social underbelly of the EU is remote controlled by US culture and corporations almost like the social underbelly of the US is.

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • Same. It’s the typical online right wing troll tactic to pose as the other side and act like the most uneducated fucking idiots to make decent people question their ideals. But because they truly are idiots they make it too obvious with the “Biden bad” - no true progressive would be so stupid to reduce the issue this one-dimensionally.

    So yeah when you see people going on about how Biden is responsible for the situation in Gaza, its very likely they’re Groipers, Proud Boys, or some other type of internet filth.

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