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same for menstrual cramps
  • I don't enjoy suffering a headache or think it's virtuous, but I was always taught that pain is your body sending a message. Usually, unless it's a proper migraine, I can figure out what the cause is and address it. Muscle tension, dehydration, low electrolytes, etc.

    If it remains a puzzle, I'm not opposed to OTC analgesics. I just like to try to troubleshoot first (:

  • I reserved this one just for you.
  • Hvad, Alena, PP tiny? Yes ♥

  • A local database with a command line interface? (sqlite?)
  • I'm sorry, I don't have a suggestion. If it were me I would not be looking at a CLI solution for this at all.

  • A local database with a command line interface? (sqlite?)
  • I don't think a database is a good fit for your use case at all, unless you're willing to reinvent a lot of wheels.

  • Sen. Mark Kelly Emerges As Unexpected VP Candidate For Kamala Harris
  • I don't think a single one of your downvotes is because someone is "sore"... but I suspect you already know that

  • Kamala Harris
  • I think South Park did an episode on this guy during his WoW phase.

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • I don't disagree with you either, but the average person can't make a meaningful impact on the system in their daily lives. I'm not "dunking on fat people", just pointing out that an intentional effort (more than it should need to be, certainly) is required to plan and maintain a healthy diet for most people.

  • Elon Musk Accused of Election Interference by Blocking Kamala Harris Followers on X
  • Sure would be nice if some high-ranking Twitter employees conspired to nuke the site and all the backups. They'd probably be hailed as heroes.

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • Well if people would think critically about their food intake instead of shoveling in McDonald's and Panda Express for decades, they wouldn't be needing to be told how to eat from a doctor in the first place.

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • Because you need help. That's probably why you posted this in the first place; even if you can't admit it to yourself, you still have a desire to connect with others. Otherwise it would have been pointless for you to post this at all, right?

    Others have tried being compassionate. I thought I would try being a little harsh. Sometimes a shock to the system can force you to take a new perspective, which could help you start to break out of the pit of misery you've created for yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck in finding a pathway through this. You still have more than half your life ahead of you, and it would be an awful waste to give up in your 30s. I won't be replying to you again.

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • See a doctor. Your brain is lying to you and you may need medication to begin feeling normal again.

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • You don't need to see the point of it to do it anyway. Why are you accepting defeat in this situation? Why aren't you angry?

    Get mad. Get your body moving. Force your body to start producing some feel good chemicals and you will have one more tiny bit of leverage against your brain, which is actively lying to you right now if you are indeed depressed.

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • The time you spend on here whining and complaining that everything is pointless is time you could be spending on a walk, doing yoga, having fun swimming...

    I apologize for the rude remark, but you need to realize that the only obstacle between you and "being in good shape" is yourself.

    Although you should probably see a mental health professional about your self-defeating attitude first.

  • One of the signs that you're getting old is when you stop giving AF about being "in good shape"
  • Shut the fuck up and move your body. It's literally never too late.

  • Random 15 February 2006
  • "service of legal process" is the formal delivery of court papers to someone involved in a lawsuit by a neutral third party (a process server). The comic depicts an initial service of process, which is when the defendant typically first learns about the lawsuit.

    So it's a joke playing off of "getting served" legal papers, combined with the slang Mojave discussed in detail in another reply.

  • Pictured: Me (I have irritable rule syndrome)
  • The image on the monitor is the Windows 95 3D Maze screensaver. Oh gosh I'm old.

  • Cyberpunk 2024
  • BSOD wrapped around a twisted pillar like that reminds me of System Shock for some reason.

  • few more mins...
  • Well, you have to flip a switch on it to enable the alarm every night anyway (or the last one I had you did), so it's not too bad to wind it up at the same time as you turn it on before bed. But yeah that's definitely a potential challenge

  • few more mins...
  • You can actually still buy analog alarm clocks. Those things ring LOUD. You have to remember to wind them though.

  • Fedia Discussions subignition

    Periodic issues connecting to


    Every so often, when I try to browse to through my browser bookmark, I receive an error resolving the domain. Firefox suggests but navigating there gives me an HSTS error (picture attached, hopefully.)

    Usually, if I check back 15 minutes or so after this occurs, will load normally, and then actually loads the landing page for:

    > Books.Infosec.Exchange > A Bookwyrm Instance for Infosec.Exchange

    I'm not quite sure if this is an issue with my network or a problem with the instance itself. However, I thought I would report it. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide that will be helpful in figuring this out.


    Looking for some ideas for freelance work / "side hustle"

    Title. I found out recently that I need some major dental work in the near future and I don't have a damn clue how I am going to raise the extra money. I want to explore any realistic options for increasing my earnings before I have to resort to taking on debt, and I suspect that soliciting ideas in a semi-public place like this will turn up a lot of ideas I would never have considered myself.

    I'm not very physically fit, but I am pretty good with computers generally, and I've picked up a little bit of programming in my free time this year, though I wouldn't sell myself as a freelancer in that department or anything. I am also pretty good at proofreading / nitpicking things, my regular job is in QA.

    Thank you in advance for any input.