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A cool guide to know the uses of tea
  • Also ”enhancing the immune system” and ”fight inflammation” are literally mutually exclusive.

  • A cool guide to know the uses of tea
  • Matcha burns belly fat? Puhleeease. And what exactly is detoxification? I really try not to be negative on Lemmy as I generally like the vibe here, but this ”guide” is pseudoscientific nonsense.

  • GOP 'sociopaths' live among us — and it's 'contagious': neuroscientist
  • I appreciate the effort, but the archive link keeps timing out on me sorry.

  • Americans Are Wising Up to the GOP’s Tired Trickle-Down Scam
  • It must be the diapers that are stopping the trickling down.

  • 'I'll lose the debate on purpose': Trump tries to lower expectations for Biden showdown
  • Guess he's the latest to be sick of so much winning.

  • GOP 'sociopaths' live among us — and it's 'contagious': neuroscientist
  • Sounds interesting - got a non-paywalled link handy?

  • Conservative Immigrants
  • They may not mention racism specifically, but:

    ”We decided after 3 years in Idaho, we are going back home," the family stated. "We wanted to move to a Conservative state, but we realized what it would mean to fit in."

    They continued, "It would mean we would need to be judgmental. We would need to gossip about others. Have our kids forget how to say please and thank you. Talk bad about new people moving here for a better life."

    Explaining why they initially moved away from California, they said, "Left California because of politics but forgot there are other kinds of politics to consider..."

  • U.S. Considers Expanded Nuclear Arsenal, a Reversal of Decades of Cuts
  • I have to wonder why this comment would be downvoted. It's because I mentioned the T word isn't it. Sigh.

  • U.S. Considers Expanded Nuclear Arsenal, a Reversal of Decades of Cuts
  • If this topic is your bag, I'm guessing you've also read Jeffrey Lewis's book on the topic:

    A great read, if very slightly outdated. Could still represent a possible future if Trump returns to power, or perhaps even if he doesn't. Either way, Arms Control Wonk podcast is an entertaining and informative listen for anyone remotely interested in this topic.

  • At 11,000 feet up, scientists find Earth broke a scary record
  • At the risk of giving away spoilers, see Neal Stephenson's Termination Shock. A truly awesome read.

  • A cool guide of Antidepressant Consumption around the world
  • Why is there an entire continent, Africa, without any data? And Asia is only just represented. Is it because they are very low users, or they just weren't considered in the data set? Or something else?

  • Ukraine Strikes on Russian Nuke Radars Backfires w/MIT Prof. Ted Postol
  • Thought I'd at least try to watch it with an open mind based on the expected credibility an MIT professor should have. But it's peppered with Fox News takes throughout, and that's no way to support any serious analysis. So I'm adding to the down votes.

  • Just little guys
  • Teat-chers, mammals, nice.

  • Updated AMD GPU Firmware Makes Valve's Steam Deck More Robust Against Buggy Apps
  • My Steam Deck has been quite crashy with Halls of Torment. Wondering if the new firmware might help. No idea of how long, or whether this kind of firmware update will eventually get pushed by Valve out to Stream decks in a stable version update. Should I wait or god forbid try to learn how to do the update myself prior?

  • Wordle #1079 - Sun 2 June 2024
  • Wordle 1,079 4/6

    🟨⬛⬛⬛⬛. ⬛🟨🟩🟨⬛. 🟨🟩🟩⬛⬛. 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩.