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  • I like it

  • [SwayNC] Colorful gruvbox matching my Niri rice
  • That's what I did, but I haven't pushed it into my dotfiles yet (and now I'm without my computer for some time)

  • I tried to explain ADHD math to someone and they didn't understand at all
  • I don't think I have ADHD but I do it exactly this way.

  • Neil rule
  • It was my favorite book when I was like 8 years old.

  • Anyone using a Neovim distribution? Which one?
  • I use LazyVim and I really like it. It doesn't try to force too much abstractions on you. It's basically a bunch of Lazy.nvim configs that you can easily modify without having to overwrite them as a whole. I also really like LazyVim's extras - preconfigured plugins disabled by default, but enablable via single item in config, or through TUI.

  • Whale Construct Ship Battle Map [20x40]
  • No idea what is it for, but it looks really cool and the art style is awesome.

  • Software with politic opinion is are security threat
  • I appreciate that, thanks.

  • I think they didn't get enough support to even vote about that.

  • Software with politic opinion is are security threat
  • If I understand it correctly it isn't the blog author who got blocked.

  • you know what
  • My teacher is mad about it too, lol

  • Alternate methods to get a screenshot
  • I've used Samsung for my whole life and I just learned this.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • It means that if you have chats on one device and install Signal on another one, the chats don't transfer to it. After you link new device, new chats do sync perfectly fine.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • The inability to continue chat from phone is a feature.

  • Not exactly the kind of respect it would like to get

    Not exactly as funny meme as I would like it to be, but I just found out about that feature after having to hold the power button due to a frozen system countless times, and I had to tell someone.


    [Niri] [Golden Gruvbox] [WIP] I'm starting to like the look

    It's very much WIP.

    • Distro: EndeavourOS

    • Compositor/WM: Niri

    • Floating menu in the center: Fuzzel

    • Bar: Waybar

    • Terminal: Foot

    • Terminal multiplexer: Tmux

    • Shell: ZSH

    • Prompt: Powerlevel10k

    • Editor: Neovim

    • Browser: Firefox

    • dotfiles (kinda messy + outdated README)

    11 down forever?

    Hi, the instance has been down for some time, and I can't find anything about it or any way to contact the owner. Does anyone know something about it?