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The number of deaths in ICE custody is already more than double all of last year
  • Which is also something the president had control to protect prisoners from.

    But instead went, "It's gonna go big in cities, kill lots of democrats, let it run loose!"

    Then that plan backfired and it went rampant in republican areas as democrats masked up and got vaccinated..

    The president at the time made zero effort to do anything other than hide behind a curtain and go, "The virus isn't real! Trust me I tell the truth!", then spent months saying insane things with no evidence to substantiate any of it. Tens of thousands of rural citizens trusted him and died following his advice.

    One final note, this was less than a few years after dismantling and defunding Obama's virus response task force which had been assembled so that the US would be prepared for virulant events.

  • Amazon, Walmart, and Target finally realize their colossal pricing mistake—now they’re slashing costs to win back customers
  • I want to point out that your reasoning is irrational which makes your conclusion nonsense.

    You didn't root cause or analyze anything, then declared yourself to be right "because".

    Here I'll show you, let me use your method to "prove" something.

    "The Potato Party has always been in charge in Tombo County, the hungry kids in schools are not the fault of The Potato Party because kids here have been hungry before."

    We can "prove" so many things this way!

  • Trump supporters call for riots and violent retribution after verdict
  • In my news podcasts, "Crime has reached a fifty year low."

    (Go outside to my peaceful quiet neighborhood)

    My pro-Trump neighbor, "Crime is out of this world!"

    I sometimes just pause and consider what their life must be like.. constant paranoia, fear, worry.. all over things that aren't occurring.

    Your comment is the same.

  • NOAA predicts above-normal 2024 Atlantic hurricane season
  • That question is not worth pursuing. Remember you are using rational thought processes and you don't have an emotional investment in the outcome. You're talking to people who have made it part of their personality so when you attack that idea, they perceive that you are attacking them personally. They don't understand the powerful indifference of science. Science doesn't give a shit who is right, but they are too sensitive for that, they need a safe space.

    And as a matter of fact after the damage is caused, the people who are currently paying to produce and distribute climate misinformation are most certainly positioned to profit from the resulting devastation in whatever way they can.

    Spread disinformation that there is no change, meanwhile pivoting your investments around the coming change. Some people truly will say or do anything for power and influence.

    Conservatives aren't interested in pulling this thread, or as many conservatives have said.. "If given the choice of knowing the truth or staying conservative I'll stay conservative."

  • NOAA predicts above-normal 2024 Atlantic hurricane season
  • I knew you dirty science people would be in here!! Damn satanists!! Stop finding information and relaying it!! If temperature was real the Bible would tell us what it is.

    Yoo moe gwei gwai fai ding sow.
    Yoo moe gwei gwai fai ding sow.
    Yoo moe gwei gwai fai ding sow.
    Yoo moe gwei gwai fai ding sow.

    Heed my ancient chant and be gone demon!!

    (I couldn't resist, and yes that is uncle's chant from Jackie Chan Adventures)

  • NOAA predicts above-normal 2024 Atlantic hurricane season
  • They're just doing this because it's in line with fake climate change predictions. God damn scientists changing the world to be in line with climate change because they are mad they were wrong about climate change!!

    If you wanna stop climate change, do some real science like burning a wicker idol of Greta Tubaberg!! A sacrifice to appease the one true God!! Donald Trump!!

    (Dumb shit like this was what /r/TheDonald originally was and people are so stupid that posts like this actually garnered an audience, smh)

  • Victim reports his father missing. Police instead interrogated him for 17 hours, said they killed his dog, and withheld his meds from the victim. Victim tried to commit suicide in the room.
  • When I see this, I don't only see this man, I see every man, woman, and child who interacted with this police precinct.

    How many current prisoners were put in prison by this type of psychological torture?

    How many of those prisoners weren't as lucky as this man to have undeniable evidence of innocence?

    How many citizens going about their day pull off the road when they spot a police car in their rear view mirror due to terrifying encounters shared by neighbors?

    Fascist morons. Morons seem particularly useful to fascists, they love being the boot and they are too stupid to look up and see an even larger boot ready to crush them when they step out of line.

  • Cannot Get Points in Sprints..

    Edit : I appreciate all the PoVs and I will reply to everyone. This is important to me. Just going to go rest a bit and I'll be back.

    Edit : Leaving the self-insulting language in, but yeah.. Point taken, I should stop being so mean to myself. And to add another FYI, I've been on this codebase for about 3 months, which I probably should have mentioned.

    I have no idea what is wrong with me. I get tasks, I work on them, they NEVER seem to close. Meanwhile everyone around me is left and right solving their issues. I reach out for a second opinion because I must just be stupid, and every time I reach out the person is never able to assist in any meaningful way.

    It's like my tasks always have blockers that everyone around me seems perplexed by, I get a lot of, "Wow, that's crazy," or, "Yeah your job does seem to have a lot of unusual blockers."

    I'm at the point where I'm in a daily meeting where I explain what I'm working on to a senior dev because obviously they noticed I'm a person on the team with sometimes zero points in a whole month. It's so discouraging to have to go to a daily meeting because apparently I'm stupid? The thing is, when I explain what I'm blocked by, every person has said, "Oh weird, this seems like a really confusing task." Or, "Damn I've never seen anything like that."

    So obviously I look at other peoples' tasks.. what are they working on? And their tasks are SO simple and straightforward, yet I've NEVER had a task like that, all my tasks were opened years ago, remained open for months or years, then were assigned to me. And they're all fucky. Wth.

    Tbh I'm running out of things to write because I don't want to justify it, because I feel like I should be doing better. What the hell is wrong with me?

    I have wanted to change jobs for close to two years now.. but you've all interacted with recruiters.. they never help, and job search is impossible as a person with anxiety and possibly autism?

    I love coding, I hate my coding environment.. Anyone else ever have this type of issue in programming?