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YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • I'm prette sure they have to send the metadata to the client where an ad starts and ends. Just to make the ad clickable.

    Timestamps can be calculated on the server, but maybe there will be an api endpoint that can be abused to search for the ads.

  • Lead free solder on microcontrollers
  • The problem with flux is that it is corrosive. If you use just the flux in the solder it shouldn't be much of a deal, but if you use more flux I recommend washing it off.

    I use 99.9% Isopropanol or an ultrasonic cleaner with water for this. If you use water do not use soap or anything else just water. Also make sure it is completely dry before connecting to power.

  • Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it - Gothamist
  • The encryption on Android devices is pretty strong, as long as you use a good screen lock you should be fine. Yes they can reset you phone, but accessing your data is a whole other level.

    If I had illegal shit on my phone, I wouldn't send it to apple servers by using an iPhone. They are the first who would comply with a surpena. I'd use GrapheneOS on a Pixel and use an obvious duress pin like 1234. If entered it wipes your encryption keys and avoids restoring your data.

    And if it gets stolen, it is gone and I'd get a new one. This is the cost of having proper opsec.


    But I also think that freedom allows for more exploits.

    This is a common misconception called security through obscurity

  • Meta not complying with GDPR

    Last week I received an email from Meta Plattforms Inc about their new ToS and Privacy Policy addressed to my first Name.

    But I don't have any accounts on any services from Meta Platforms (I deleted them a few years ago). Therefore I contacted the DPO and requested a copy of my personal data and asked them to delete it according to GDPR.

    They told me that there is no account associated to my email, I should provide my account details to the account in question, which I don't have. They are unable to help me with the data I provided and I should contact the irish or my local data protection authority and bring my claims before court.

    So they obviously have at least my first name and my email address and refuse to comply with GDPR.

    Has anyone had any simmilar experiences or any recommendations on my further actions?

    I don't have the time and money to sue Meta, but I will contact my local data protection authority.