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The US healthcare system is barbaric...
  • to drain you of your money so you need a gofundme

  • Fly, you fools!
  • What is going on at your airports?

    Looking for check in, waiting in line to check in, checking in, looking for the correct place to drop off your bags, waiting in line to drop off your bags, dropping off your bags, looking for the security check, waiting in line for security check, taking everything out of your bag for security check, security check, putting everything in the bag again, looking for a snack since it's already been two hours, waiting in line to take a snack, taking a snack, looking for where your gate will be, walking to the gate (often quite a long walk), waiting for boarding to start (if you got there in time), waiting in line for boarding, boarding.

  • Fly, you fools!
  • I am the kids. No, I'm 22 now but my experience with airports is you're going to spend at least two hours there if nothing goes wrong, most of that spent waiting in lines.

  • Fly, you fools!
  • 7 minutes? i can't even walk from the entrance to the gate in 7 minutes

  • Fly, you fools!
  • fr if your flight is at 14:00 you better be in the airport by 10 am and you might just about make it in time

  • Nestle does not care about Ukraine
  • what made you think they care about anything besides profits?

  • The Art of the Deal
  • i mean it's just a discount like when you're buying things in bulk, it makes sense

  • Happy Kia Summer Sale!!
  • yeah so I'm going to need a new phone in the near future and was considering a degooglable one but it feels conflicting to buy one from google

  • Happy Kia Summer Sale!!
  • Degoogled phone

    is it a pixel? or is this also somehow possible with other phones?

  • Outside Playtime
  • for once I'm glad a video was generated by AI

  • Might as well be wearing a neon sign
  • ok but even then it shouldn't be surprising when they say "you're good"

  • Might as well be wearing a neon sign
  • So either this person has back problems in their twenties or the cashier is asking people in their forties for their id?

  • Well now I don't know what not to not believe
  • but that means it's also telling the truth... i think it's created a paradox

  • how it's ruling (gracefully)
  • ohhhhhhhh ty

  • Rule to unshid pant
  • maybe just a little bit

  • Rule to unshid pant
  • it has the same typos as the title so it must be

  • Small rule
  • we need to start an !croppingishard

  • how it's ruling (gracefully)
  • ok whut I'm so ootl

  • Well... you asked...
  • ok but like, do they?

  • Careful what you wish for
  • why did they remove the texts to then add very similar texts to the original brah

  • NMC that used to visit my house a few times to ask for food. I haven't seen her in a while, so I hope she's still doing well.