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Teen rapper accidentally kills himself on social media video after pointing gun at his head and pulling trigger
  • Easily could be charged as an adult if he shot someone else.

  • California says restaurants must bake all of their add-on fees into menu prices
  • It’s specifically the US that calls main courses entrees. No clue why.

  • Ron DeSantis bans 'global elite' lab-grown meat
  • He would be so lost without empty conservative buzzwords

  • Melania Trump makes low-profile return to campaign trail with LGBT fundraiser
  • Red chile sauce with poached eggs for me, then later a bottle of Vinho Verde. Pretty decent so far.

  • Homer
  • He’s portrayed as a loser due to being self-unaware and generally clueless.

  • the chop suey sandwich from salem, maine
  • It’s strange how you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about but are very confident. Yeah, that’s right, I’m clearly comparing McDonald’s in Connecticut to McDonald’s in Utah.

  • the chop suey sandwich from salem, maine
  • Why are you only talking about large cities in the northeast and Detroit? I’m comparing it to places like Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, LA, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Denver and Seattle. I’ve eaten pizza in small towns in Connecticut that beat the crap out of anything I’ve had in those cities.

  • the chop suey sandwich from salem, maine
  • No, in real life I’ve traveled through 45 states and lived in 10. Not from New England either. No idea what you’re talking about really, but just so you know, you’re wrong. Mainly I’m talking about Connecticut and Boston. I don’t have any illusions that there’s great cuisine in Vermont or rural Maine or some shit.

  • the chop suey sandwich from salem, maine
  • Absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Never been to New Haven or Danbury or like, the rest of the state? Or more like you’ve never seen how shit pizza, Italian sandwiches and bagels are in the rest of the country.

  • the chop suey sandwich from salem, maine
  • Not so sure about Maine but southern New England is awesome for pizza, bagels and sandwiches.

  • Send this to anyone who is bigoted
  • Right, just as much as calling gay people mentally ill makes them straight.

  • Send this to anyone who is bigoted
  • I wouldn't even call it 'pray' since that's a special word they made up. Just call it talking to their imaginary friend in their head.

  • Red Sea: US, UK and French destroy dozens of Houthi drones
  • They've attacked ships from countries that have absolutely nothing to do with that conflict.

  • German patient vaccinated against Covid 217 times
  • His blood is BLACK! Magnetic. Full of nanobots. Controlled by 5G!

  • Welcome. You have now entered Minnesota.
  • Ole to Lena: “I was thinking on my feet today.”
    Lena asks, “Why, were you too lazy to sit down?”

  • Uh...oh...
  • My DNA is a sexually transmitted disease

  • Haley wins DC GOP primary
  • That was their quick response, of course. Washington DC is “the swamp” which I guess is why Swamp Baboon is so eager to go back there.

  • Trump campaign press secretary on Haley DC win: ‘The swamp has claimed their queen’ [Nick Robertson | 03/03/24 | The Hill]
  • The guy under indictments for a multitude of corrupt acts is still going on about “the swamp”?

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