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'It's very possible': Trump floats imprisoning his political opponents
  • That corruption exists in most western democracies. The problem is the dogmatic worship for a 200+ years constitution. Temporary fixes won't do. You guys need to come together and write a NEW modern and functional constitution.

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • "Vote for Biden, or else". Fear tactics at its best.

    He doesn't have to "endure" anyone. His vote is his, that's it. Deal with it.

    By the way, I'm 40. And the reason I tell you is because I've been listening for that "just this once" crap since I WAS 12.

    20 years ago Bush Jr. was the antichrist. Now...he was not that bad. Trust me, you can have worse than Trump. A competent one. On either party. And that mindset is bringing it closer everyday, you're just too blind to see it.

    So be it. Every empire has to fall, I guess.

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • You attacked a member of the Green Party for not voting for Biden.

    You'd burn down all the third parties out of fear for Trump and then complain when the Democrat President doesn't give a flying fuck about you.

    Say everyone votes for Biden to keep Trump out. Why would Biden care about you? Why would he care what you want in a candidate? Why would he even bother to earn your vote? You'll vote for him as long as there's a Trump.

    All you're doing is making sure all candidates get worse and worse. You are saying loud and clear you'll eat every bowl of shit and take everything up the ass as long as it's not Trump giving it to you. You are begging to be fucked.

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • I'm not even American. In my country we can actually vote for who we want. Nobody can form a government against the majority.

    Think about my words:


    You can't. I understand your conundrum. But your solution is to accept it and to revoke your own vote. To revoke other people's vote who don't want Trump or Bidden.

    Don't you see the obvious? Being forced to vote for Bidden for fear of Trump will just perpetuate the two party system. It will also keep sending the message that as long as the Republican party is scary enough then the Democratic party only has to be slightly better. Even if another party appears that represents better the will of the people it will stay blocked from power.

    This sends the message to both Democrats and Republicans that it is in their best interest to keep things the same or, even better, worse. As long as both sides are always terrified of the other they'll always vote for "their side" as shitty a candidate they may be. You realize lots of GOP voters also dislike Trump but they see the other side as worse and Trump, in their eyes, is the prefered evil.

    This is not about this election. Both Trump or Biden will likely die in office. This is about YOUR future. And let me tell you, either way, unless you break this cicle, it's a grim one.

    Nobody trusts the US anymore. As an European I'll say we NEED a strong and righteous US but we're coming to terms we won't have one anymore and are slowly learning we have to fight our own way in the modern world. Pax Americana is over and you have only yourselves to blame.

    But instead of being honest with yourselves you just attack what little democracy you still have left. It's sad in a shameful way.

  • Seeing a lot of this lately...
  • Oh, I see. What if they call for vote in a third party, is that interference too?

    You guys are so afraid of Trump killing democracy that you're willing to kill democracy to fight him. You are blind.

  • Israel sharpens its tone to Spain: "The Inquisition is over. Those who harm us, we will harm them"
  • No chance. An open military attack would be the end of Israel. Spain is a EU and NATO member. Article 5 would be called and accepted by most NATO members. If not the alliance would be over immediately.

    Lets assume the US noped out (which they would never do if Israel dared to attack Spain). That would be the end of NATO but Israel would have to deal with the EU. Even Spain by itself could cause some serious damage to Israel. And they wouldn't be by themselves.

    I'm Portuguese, and my country is the historical rival of Spain. An attack on Spain would be like a direct attack on us and most EU members feel the same.

    This, of course, is hypothetical. There's no way Netanyahu would pull such a dumb and unthinkable move.

  • Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son.
  • HEY! Civilian, stop talking about stuff you know nothing about!

    In dangerous situations and non-whites (same thing , right) we need LETHAL FORCE to control the situation. If someone us murd...I mean, fatally shot, so be it.

    Tasers are just for torture. It's fun but we can't be always playing! We're working here!


  • feeling old now?
  • I work in a school. I laugh and joke a lot with the teens. Sometimes I forget I'm not one of them and I'm 40. I'm just as immature as them, just more experienced. A lot of my coworkers forget what it was like to be a kid and how boring most of us are. School sucks, remember?

  • How do you even call that?
  • Due to being so far from the sun the Voyager can't rely on solar panels. Someone at NASA cooked a fish like this and put it on the probe. The heat it still radiates will keep powering it for millenia.

  • Pro-Palestine demonstrators in Portugal assaulted by Israeli tourists Ativistas pró-Palestina agredidas por turistas de Israel em Coimbra

    Manifestantes dizem ter sido vítimas de violência racista e xenófoba, ameaças de morte e pontapés. Confrontos físicos aconteceram esta sexta-feira à tarde, junto à estátua de D. Dinis, na Universidade de Coimbra, onde decorria uma manifestação pacífica.

    Ativistas pró-Palestina agredidas por turistas de Israel em Coimbra

    I need help choosing my next GPU below 400 Euros

    The title. I've been delaying long enough and I can't really wait anymore. I need a new GPU. I could really use some advice.

    Right now I have a GTX 1060 3 GB with a Ryzen 7 2700X CPU and 32 GB RAM. Mostly I use it for gaming in 1080p but it's not impossible I'll eventually increase it (but unlikely).

    I'll accept suggestions outside of my options but keep in mind the prices in my country are different. I'm not looking to buy used for various reasons (lack of warranty is one).

    My options are:

    RTX 3060 12 GB (290 euros)

    RTX 4060 8 GB (330 euros)

    RX 7600 XT 12 GB (380 euros)

    RX 6750 XT 12 GB (400 euros)

    RX 6700 XT 12 GB (420 euros)

    RTX 4060ti 16 GB (480 euros)

    I was really trying to keep it way below 400 euros. The 7600 XT is already a stretch but I could be convinced to raise the budget to the upper 400s for something with really good bang for buck.

    I appreciate the help

    UPDATE: In the end I decided to go for the RX 6750 XT for 405 euros but, as is my habit, I decided I should sleep on it. And thank god I did. The next day I went online and had already decided to buy it when I saw it was the store's birthday and they were doing some nice discounts and the 6750 was at 360 euros (limited to stock). I immediately bought. What are the odds?! She'll be here in a couple of days.


    I'm trying to think of something more stupid than this but it's not easy...

    My girlfriend started taking a Masters in a college this year. In her course the faculty have shown some disorganization and computer illiteracy since day one but the latest one...completely killed me.

    Besides their personal college e-mail, they wanted a platform to make announcements for all the course (20 students). I can think of a thousand ways to do this. Hell, even a Facebook group would be better. But no...

    They have an e-mail address (like [email protected]) where all the info is sent and EVERYBODY has the password to enter the e-mail and check the inbox.

    That is it. I have no words. I think this is the most idiotic and dumb thing I've ever seen in IT.

    28 Portugal’s bid to attract foreign money backfires as rental market goes ‘crazy’

    Government incentives and deregulation have brought digital nomads, Airbnbs and ‘golden visas’ – but steep housing costs for locals

    Portugal’s bid to attract foreign money backfires as rental market goes ‘crazy’

    Mais um agente imobiliário a enriquecer a vender o país a americanos

    Este agente imobiliário, de nome Vítor Costa, ganha a vida a convencer americanos a virem viver para Portugal com as consequências que todos sabemos. Normalmente nem postaria aqui mas quando o próprio comentou a noticia cheio de soberba e sarcasmo...não resisti. Estas pessoas precisam de ser denunciadas e humilhadas em público pelo que estão a fazer ao nosso país.


    Today my account is no more

    After 8 years, today I just deleted all my comments and posts. So far they are deleted. I haven't deleted my account in case I have to delete them again. Fuck spez.

    That is all



    "Há críticas que custam a engolir quando são feitas por alguém que representa precisamente um dos principais grupos causadores do descalabro lisboeta" Isto Lembra-me Uma História: Lisboa, it’s not you, it’s us

    Por mais que a cidade de Lisboa mereça muitas das críticas e que as suas gentes estejam longe de ser as mais espetaculares no que toca à hospitalidade, há críticas que custam a engolir quando são feitas por alguém que representa precisamente um dos principais grupos causadores do descalabro lisboeta...

    Isto Lembra-me Uma História: Lisboa, it’s not you, it’s us

    Morte de bebé de um ano em seita espiritual de Coimbra investigada pelo Ministério Público

    Isto é mais comum do que se pensa. Conheço gente (não nesta seita, acho eu) com crenças parecidas. Alguns só registaram as crianças depois de ameaças legais de familiares. Vacinas evitam ao máximo e até tentam não as meter na escola. Os casos que conheço sao crianças que estão a passar claras necessidades de saúde, educativas e sociais. Tudo porque os papás querem viver o sonho de hippie.

    2 STOP e os bárbaros na Invicta

    Acredito que se possa medir o grau de civilização de uma cidade pela forma como trata a cultura. Hoje, o Porto tratou uma das suas maiores jóias culturais com o desprezo de bárbaros.

    STOP e os bárbaros na Invicta

    Centro Comercial STOP, no Porto, fechado pela polícia. Mais um hotel para turistas? “Não sabíamos de nada!” diz músico do centro comercial Stop no dia em que foi impedido de entrar

    Foram encerradas mais de 100 lojas do centro comercial Stop, na manhã desta terça-feira, pela falta de licença de utilização e após várias queixas de ruído.

    “Não sabíamos de nada!” diz músico do centro comercial Stop no dia em que foi impedido de entrar

    Pelo que entendi, os músicos que alugavam salas de ensaios e pagavam renda foram impedidos de aceder às mesmas inclusive de tirar o material. O STOP encontra-se bloqueado por um cordão policial.


    Pagar para voltar de férias - isto é legal?

    O sítio onde trabalho tem umas regras estranhas. Uma das que me cai pior é que quando voltamos de uma baixa ou de férias (mais de 1 dia de ausência) somos obrigados a comprar (no local de trabalho) um impresso que custa € 0,20 e a entregar na administração a participar o regresso, sob pena da ausência ser considerada falta injustificada.

    O valor é relativamente baixo mas acho incorrecto por uma questão de princípio. Ah, e se quisermos faltar por algum motivo temos de meter outro impresso diferente com o mesmo custo, além do impresso a comunicar o regresso. Custa-me a crer que isto seja legal. Pelo menos no caso das férias está a cobrar basicamente um imposto para tirar férias.

    Acham isto normal?

    EDIT: Custa a acreditar, não é? Mas é a realidade de qualquer trabalhador numa escola pública, docente ou não-docente. Ainda acham que devo ligar à ACT?