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Why do people say "symbiotic relationship" when they really mean "mutualistic"?
  • There's also a level of understanding vs. utility involved. Being aware that there are subtypes of symbiotic relationship doesn't necessitate using them in day to day conversation, as most ppl just remember that they learned about the category.

    To biologists, however, there's a world of difference.

  • Do you prefer Gaming PCS or Gaming Laptops?
  • I know this is a gaming thread, but I bought a gen 1 framework laptop 13 DIY when they came out and all I can say is: buy it. The form factor of a MacBook but upgradeable and repairable. They now have AMD options that work with my gen 1. Excellent idea, great execution, can't say enough good things lol

  • Heiroglyphs
  • In addition, there's a psychological phenomenon where our brains only need the first and last letter of a word in the right place, and all the right letters in between in any order, to suss out a word. Our familiarity with a lngaauge will put it together, so presumably the same is true for healthcare providers' common words.

    Note: I included an example of this in my comment

  • Which are your preferred laptops?
  • In a similar vein, I went with a Framework laptop. Expensive, but 100% modular and repairable, with an in-house secondhand marketplace. I have a gen 1, batch 2, and the thing is stunningly manufactured for a startup. Can't say enough good things. Happy hunting!

  • Christian Life International
  • It's a play on the idiom to "cross your t's and dot your i's", which means to make sure to check and double check your work for any errors/omissions/etc.

    So kind of two jokes for the price of one: the play on the idiom, and that they didn't do it because of the clit joke that made it into the final draft 🤣