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‘We don’t have a democracy’: why some Oregonians want to join Idaho
  • I believe in the rights of the individual, which is why I support free health care, education, and housing for all, so that every individual has a chance to succeed, no matter where they come from.

    "No, not like that."

  • Tale as old as time
  • No, Machiavelli sincerely argued for this kind of extreme pragmatism--do whatever's necessary to get what you want. It was wasn't satire. It's pretty obvious why he didn't get the job as advisor, though.

  • Tale as old as time
  • The Prince was certainly not satire. He wrote it to Lorenzo de Medici with the intention of being hired as his advisor. The entire book is specific instructions of how to rule for this very purpose. Of course he wasn't hired, since the book boils down to "be as duplicitous as you can be to get what you want."

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