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"Star Trek is woke now"
  • Good news! If the MAGA party wins in November they'll surely defund, gut, or do away with the EPA entirely, so pollution fines will drop to zero, clearly indicating pollution is gone!

  • "Star Trek is woke now"
  • I always thought of Quark as the moral center of DS9. Hear me out. It's a darker show, much more shades of grey, a bit of a break from Roddenbury's vision of star trek. Instead of Jean Luc's pompous speeches, and Janeway's infuriating (and inconsistent) adherence to the prime directive, DS9 actually toes the line and crosses it many times. Quark meanwhile has his own code, and he sticks to it as faithfully as anyone can. He is true to himself and his species and pretty much never crosses his own line - he crosses our line for sure, but rarely if ever his own. Pretty much the only time I can remember him doing something un-ferengi is when he turned down a gazillion bars of latinum to run weapons for those people planning on blowing up a planet with a few million people on it. At the end of the day you can always count on quark doing the right thing. He's quite complex, and by far one of my favorite characters in all of Trek.

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • Calm down professor. The US is one of the only countries in the world to tax worldwide income, even if they are a nonresident of the US. That is NOT how it works in every country.

    Here's a pretty good article about it from the WSJ if you want to educate yourself on the subject:

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • It's somewhat accurate to say "every penny they make is taxABLE to Uncle Sam" which is different from saying 100% tax rate. Americans living outside the US still need to file a tax return and report all their income, and pay tax on it to the US, even if it is from a foreign source. That said they could claim the foreign tax credit if they paid tax to a foreign regime on that income already, or the foreign income exclusion under some circumstances which would reduce their taxable income to the US.

  • 93 Year Old Woman Arrested for Resisting Eviction
  • No, all you're doing is shifting power from the big bad mean rich landlord into the hands of the government agency or agent in charge. How do you not understand that? No matter what there's going to be an asshole with too much power/wealth.

  • Oh how will they survive
  • Are you a bot? Wealth tax is not the same as income tax. You can't compare 24% to 4%. It just doesn't work that way. I don't know how to be more clear.

    Suppose you take one of your remaining dollars after paying 24% tax on your gross income. You buy a penny stock and it skyrockets to the moon and you are now worth 100 billion on paper, and you stay at your 100k/yr white collar desk job. Your only income is your 100k salary. You haven't actually earned any income yet or triggered any taxable events. Income happens when you sell, not when values fluctuate. Your fair share is 24,000 now and then capital gains tax whenever you sell your share of that stock. This wealth tax is absurd because it's literally just a timing difference between now and whenever you sell, or whenever you die, whichever happens first. That tax is going to get paid one way or another.

    You guys are getting your panties all twisted up over a temporary timing difference. And the worst part is you just don't even know what you're talking about, or how chaotic it would be implementing such a thing, which would never work in practice, or even the fact that it's unconstitutional and would require an amendment to be legal. This whole thing is just idiotic.

  • Oh how will they survive
  • That's actually a really good point I hadn't even thought of. Is there even enough actual currency in circulation to pay the tax people are talking about, or is it all locked up in hypothetical future income priced in to the current FMV? Great post.

  • Oh how will they survive
  • People will always act in their own rational self interest. Idk where people get this idea from that you can legislate market forces. It's like legislating the tides or the seasons. The commies around here walking around bitching about all these mean rich people are so naive it's really incredible.

  • Oh how will they survive
  • This is a super basic apples and oranges concept, please try and keep up.

    Your original comment was bitching about 4% not being a fair share when you are paying 24%. Wealth tax is not the same as income tax.

    I think everyone is subject to income tax in the US when the income is taxable to them, yes. Eventually all of these big bad mean rich people will pay tax on their unrealized gains one way or another. No need to create a wealth tax because eventually the income tax will kick in, I promise you. There's no need to fuck with the tax code even more, and by doing so totally breaking accounting and tax concepts in a way that only government can, just out of this populist notion that they aren't paying their fair share, whatever that means.

  • 93 Year Old Woman Arrested for Resisting Eviction
  • If you're talking about eminent domain, the gov has to pay fair market value for the assets it takes, at least in the USA. So you're just flat out wrong using that as an example because in this context you guys are talking about the government forcing someone to provide something to somebody else for free, or just seizing their property (!) to do it themselves.

    I'm looking for you to be able to articulate a specific rule or set of rules with hard numbers and thresholds that applies to literally everyone. You can walk around all you want saying rich people are big bad meanies and should give this poor woman free housing. But it turns out people will always act in their own rational self interest, and until you can figure out a way to codify your values into law, you might as well be writing letters to santa. I wish everything were perfect and nobody wants for anything, but the universe just doesn't work that way. It's hard to believe there are so many people naive enough to not know this by now.

    I'm definitely in the wrong place because all I'm hearing is a bunch of morons.

  • 93 Year Old Woman Arrested for Resisting Eviction
  • the government should control the property and not charge rent. It’s not that hard to understand

    Yes it is hard to understand because we are having this conversation despite it being a ridiculous idea. If the gov controls the property and doesn't charge rent, it doesn't lower the cost. The value of that property doesn't go away. It just changes hands from the private owner into the gov agency (or worse, agent) who controls who gets to live there. Imagine a neighborhood where everything costs $10k/month to live there, but you control who gets to live in that one place that costs $1,000/month. Think of how powerful a position that is. The value of that rental property didn't magically disappear just because the government waived its magic wand and said so. Economics doesn't work that way, and it's really frustrating talking to people who don't get this. You can't solve these issues by decree.

  • Oh how will they survive
  • Wouldn't a wealth tax increase risk of assets being stored and hidden outside the US?

    Americans are already taxed on worldwide income. If there's a wealth tax and they tried to get around it by storing assets outside the US, wouldn't hiding it be much the same as attempting to hide non-US income?

    Any comments on whether a wealth tax is even constitutional, since the 16th amendment only authorizes an income tax and not a wealth tax?

    Do they get a deduction when they repay the loan on the back end, if they had to pick up income for the loan when it was received?

    Wouldn't it be disruptive to cap executive pay during lean years, or startup years, or recession years etc? Wouldn't that create even more incentive than there already is to aggressively pump up income in order to meet arbitrary quarterly/annual earnings goals to keep executive comp high? What if there was a lot of income last year, little income this year, and a lot of income next year, etc. Should everyone's income seesaw up and down or could we maybe plan around cash flow a little bit?

    "Yearly audits of accounts held by wealth management firms to ensure that no one is fiddling with the books" is such a loaded sentence full of ignorance and naivete I really can't begin to respond to it besides telling you that it instantly identifies you as someone who doesn't know wtf they're talking about and shouldn't be commenting on such things.

    Finally, Bezos is still the executive chair of Amazon and still holds 990 million shares as of November 2023 so idk what you're talking about with that last sentence. Link to the SEC Form 4 Proxy Statement, a primary source document despite the shady url: or you can find it here dated November 1 2023:

  • Oh how will they survive
  • Yeah and then they pay interest on that loan, which is income to the lender for them to pay tax on; then when the original loan comes due the billionaire either refinances and pays even more interest, or pays back the loan by selling their appreciated assets and then - yes - pays tax on the income. So either way the tax is getting paid, now or later, and you have no idea how frustrating it is to see people parroting this over and over and over, and downvoting you for pointing it out.

  • Whenever I hit 'show context' it takes me to the original post and not the actual context

    Basically the title. Can anyone help troubleshoot please?

    Accounting solstice

    An Advanced ChatGPT guide for accountants

    I'm a big fan of this channel and there's some good content for using new AI tools in our industry. If you aren't using gpt yet for AT LEAST emails and formatting stuff then you are not as efficient as you could be.

    I'm posting this to help foster growth and discussion so feel free to jump in.

    Accounting solstice

    First post?

    Doesn't seem to be much activity here yet so I figured I would kick things off. So, uh, anyone afraid chatgpt is gonna take our jobs or what? Anyone depreciate land lately?