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Sequel to Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters
  • Remember that other sequel with puppets?

    puppets sounds cool actually

  • What would you ask to a potential partner in a partner compatibility survey?
  • What are your thoughts on polyamory?

    If they are polyamorous, it's a no. If they have been polyamorous before but say they're looking for a monogamous relationship this time, also no. If they use the term "ethical non-monogamy" in a positive way, even if they claim they're monogamous, straight in the fucking bin.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 director thanks fans as the game hits a 95% positive review rating on Steam
  • I played it a couple of years ago, before a lot of the patches, and still thought it was one of the better games I have never finished.


    There is this quest line where a character is abducted, raped, tortured and kills herself after you rescue her. Afterwards, the main character and another are on a balcony and smoke, still processing the horrors they've witnessed. I had been off the smokes for a few months at that point, but still needed to go outside and do the same.

    I uninstalled shortly after. Not out of disgust, I actually appreciated the game making me feel something, but it just felt right to stop at that point.

  • ‘Furiosa’ First Reactions Say It’s a Stunning Powerhouse (But No ‘Fury Road’)
  • It's not that it's CGI that really bothered me, it's that it's not good CGI. I got the same feeling watching the trailer as I did the Hobbit.

  • Todd Howard says Bethesda is focused on finding ways to increase its output
  • It might not be the right thing to say publicly, but it's absolutely something they should be concerned about internally. It's fucking astonishing how many man hours went into Starfield for such a hollow final product.

  • Trying to Give Away Some Accounts
  • I'd happily take anything Eve related if you're offering, I got sucked back into it awhile ago

  • I absolutely love this idea
  • It used to be the way we played ADnD

    Far from everyone, the game was born out of war gaming so maps and minatures have always been big in the community. I personally see theater of the mind more often these days than when I started.

  • How old are you based on economic experience or position?
  • I have used a check. I'm more likely to be able to get a mortgage and buy a house than to be accepted for a rental again, though I'll likely die before paying it off. I still keep a fair amount of actual cash at home "just in case".

    Will be interested to hear your guesses.

  • When / why / how did "I hope you are well" become a standard email intro?
  • Imagine a time before instant communications, where you have no idea how life has treated the recipient since you last saw them and it might take months for your letter to arrive. It is a sincere hope that they are well and that tradgedy has not befallen them.

    It would be neurotic and unreasonable if your last update on their life was only days or even hours before, but in the days of letters hope is really all you had. It's just honest.

  • When / why / how did "I hope you are well" become a standard email intro?
  • To be fair, I'm certain that someone has written it with that as the intended meaning. It seems like the kind of passive aggressive thing some mannered British aristocrat would do.

  • Telltale Games Releases New Screenshots Of The Wolf Among Us 2 Alongside Development Update
  • Yeah, one of the most soulless and boring games I've played. The Expanse seemed like such a good property to adapt into a Telltale game too.

    If you're looking for a good sci-fi Telltale style game, Star Trek: Resurgence came out around the same time from a studio of former Telltate employees and it is an absolute joy for anyone who misses 90's Trek.

  • Telltale Games Releases New Screenshots Of The Wolf Among Us 2 Alongside Development Update
  • I really enjoyed The Wolf Among Us, but given how terrible their Expanse game was I'm not holding my breath.

  • When / why / how did "I hope you are well" become a standard email intro?
  • It has it's roots in actual letter writing, as in "I hope this letter finds you well".

  • Descent 3 has been made open source
  • I actually didn't realize there was a Descent 3 for some reason, I've only played 1 & 2. They're the sort of game I can just jump in for 20 minutes and have fun but all the back tracking through the levels makes me feel sick playing any longer.

  • What's a common occurrence in your hobby that you think shouldn't be?
  • There is an often reposted study that shows people who are worse at video games are more likely to harass women. Though these are some issues with the study and it's scope, this more or less matches my experience. However, this is usually transformed via a game of telephone into suggesting higher skilled players are less misogynistic.

    I have played at the top level of multiple games over different genres and it is incredibly misogynistic up there. The key difference is most of the nerds up there are less likely express it so obviously and publicly. In a lot of cases this is purely about self-preservation, teams in competitive games will be collectively penalized so there is a degree of self-policing (nobody wants to have their team disqualified with all that money on the line) and in PvE games there is usually a great deal of time (and lets be real, often money) invested in an account people don't want to lose.

    It's gotten a lot better since the "tits or gtfo" and "there are no women on the internet" days, but the last time I was in these circles was only during COVID and it was still wildly misogynistic behind closed doors.

  • Are you getting less email spam in the weekends ?
  • I can't remember the last time I got a spam email honestly. I changed my address like 5+ years ago and it just stopped and never resumed. It's not the email provider filtering them either, the only thing it catches are legitimate but automated messages.

  • Lemmings, how do you use updoots and downvotes?
  • I can't be bothered unless something is particularly egregious or very good.

  • How many people listened to audiobooks (or anything non-music) on cassette tape? On a Walkman?
  • Never did it on a walkman, but when I was a kid I was taken on a few multi-day road trips where they'd throw an audiobook on.

  • Books that are worse than the film (which was already bad?)
  • Starship Troopers is Heinlein not Dick, and it's fascist nonsense. Verhoeven was right to throw the book in the bin after two chapters and the movie rules.

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