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Major Portland highway closure scheduled for graffiti cleanup
  • Absolutely agree. I can only imagine what a nightmare it is if you’re not from here. I think if you tag any DOT signage it should be a hefty punishment because it just introduces so much risk in driving. That one really sets me off.

  • Major Portland highway closure scheduled for graffiti cleanup
  • Idk if anyone else saw when someone tagged “shit thy pants” over off the 84 interchange but that one still makes me laugh. I mean, I’m glad it’s gone, but I laughed so hard when I initially saw it, and my partner and I still bring it up months later.

  • Major Portland highway closure scheduled for graffiti cleanup
  • Omega’s tags are ass anyway. There’s so many terrible artists. I think your work should determine the consequences. Omega —> straight to jail. Also anyone who tags a damn sign. That’s a paddlin then jail

  • Advice Needed: How to get immunotherapy treatment in a rural area where the clinics do not administer the shots?
  • Like a mom and pop place. You could likely call any of the chains as well to point you in the right direction. Some of them also do administer shots, but I would agree with the person you responded to that a locally owned pharmacy would be your best bet.

  • Medical freedom vs. public health: Should fluoride be in our drinking water?
  • Crest two in one shield is strawberry flavor with fluoride. Source: I have a teen with the same aversion. It doesn’t have animals or anything on it, but it is a “kids” toothpaste. You’d never know without reading it though, so I thought I’d mention it. Sorry if you’ve already heard of that one.