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Stop panicking. Replacing Biden on ballots isn't a problem.
  • I'm a random person but my understanding was that legally the funds belong to the Biden/Harris campaign, now owned by Harris. I think moving that money between campaign funds is not permitted. Maybe some unprecedented swap where Harris remains VP would work.

    Edit: i actually researched this, LegalEagle has a good video on it.

    In short donations to DNC are safe, but the campaign committee for B/H would need to go into a super PAC and would face litigation risks

  • [Trump Shooting] Suspect was registered as Republican voter, state records show
  • I mean a right-winger would certainly do the same to a progressive candidate to protect the country from healthcare.

    But yeah a right winger targeting trump would need to be an anti-abortion or ultra-religious fanatic. Those are the things he's weak on in that world.

    My money is on it being fame-seeking more than politically motivated, as it was with Reagan. That type of person is near impossible to anticipate so is more likely to slip in, I'd guess.

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • Unfortunately this financing requires a populace widely adopting cryptocurrency...making it a pipe dream for mainstream use.

    Tips are generally a bad model as well, which creates an incentive for rapid and pandering work (like ad supported content).

    Patreon had frankly built all of YouTube that is worth watching. I think a simple payment system using real banks can be integrated into smaller hosting services.

    It's all academic though, YouTube is unrivaled in ad revenue and helping you expand an audience.

  • We coulda had Bernie...
  • I think the wheel of history turns on a greater axle than a presidential election. Look at Europe, and the rest of the global north. The machine of neoliberal imperialism has created global instability and climate crisis, and the rich are locking down their spoils with right wing nationalism.

    Trump was a fluke, he'd have had more bites at the apple in 2020/2024 and eventually get a win. If not him, then some evangelical fascist.

  • Trump Had His Own Brain Freeze Moment Like Biden This Week
  • The actual video for your own judgement:

    I'm not shocked an old man missed a prompt to speak in a low stakes phone call. Mid-sentence in a high-stakes optics-focused debate is the bigger gaffe, but equally normal for an old man.

  • As mind-reading technology improves, Colorado passes first-in-nation law to protect privacy of our thoughts
  • It's concerning how this pseudoscience is getting so much traction, and we'll be left with a bunch of nonsensical privacy regulation. Granted I'm happy to err towards too much privacy regulation, but can imagine other privacy issues getting less traction.

  • Joe Biden Hits Back at The New York Times After it Tells Him to Drop Out of Race
  • Most people don't have a political education nor do they follow political news. They vote based in vibes and a knee-jerk reaction to the party in power. You can launder a lot of self-destructive behavior in that recipe.

  • Joe Biden Hits Back at The New York Times After it Tells Him to Drop Out of Race
  • Its almost like the other democrats haven't been running for office and building name recognition. I wonder why OH YEAH, DNC thought a democratic process was too divisive and would make their octogenarian look bad. Based on the debate, they sure were right! Their candidate cant take 3 steps away from a teleprompter.

    Polls are meant to be moved, any of those other candidates would be in a better position than Biden within a few months.

  • CNN reports 20-year record low debate viewership
  • I don't disagree with any of this, but in this particular instance i do think it's simply a reflection of reality. Biden's whole strategy is win over dummy undecideds who can't tell him and Trump apart, rather than excite his base for a good turnout.

    Fact is that strategy requires charisma, not brains. Biden's running a strategy on his weakness. It's doomed, which is impressive since Trump is so widely hated. Literally any other dem in there party is a better choice, save Jimmy Carter...