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Everyday, as an American
  • Right, so...once again, your argument is that you feel that Fahrenheit makes more sense, because that's what you're used to

    I never said that C is better because people can get used to it, you're just making that up. I said that the system people are used to is inherently going to be the one that makes the most intuitive sense to them, and that applies to both C and F.

    The rest of what you said applies equally to any system of measurement.

    I don't understand why you're so angry about this?

  • Everyday, as an American
  • Replying again because you've edited your comment and added another paragraph.

    Your edit asserts that Celsius is "absolutely fucked" regarding temperature for human comfort... which is an utterly bizarre argument to make because it only makes sense to people who are used to Fahrenheit and have an intuitive sense of what 72F means to them, but have no intuitive sense of what 22C means

    I'm not entirely sure that you're not just trolling now.

  • Everyday, as an American
  • Try working for an American company while not living in America. I have spent years trying to convince my US colleagues to please use unambiguous date formats when sending email to a global audience. But no.... they just can't see why it would be necessary or even helpful to do that.