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Gil Duran on J. D. Vance and our old friend Moldbug
  • Speaking of the "virtualization" plan he has, did he not realize how expensive and impractical and un-immersive this would be, especially with 2008 technology?

    You have to buy (and eventually repair) a shit ton of 4d VR headsets. You have to feed these guys and excercise them to make sure they don't atrophy too hard. And VR sucks ass, even now, so the entire facility would just be a shittier, smellier dark ride with a captive audience.

    Isn't this just a stupider version of The Matrix? How is this guy so renowned?

  • Gil Duran on J. D. Vance and our old friend Moldbug
  • As Delegate of San Francisco, what should you do with these people? I think the answer is clear: alternative energy. Since wards are liabilities, there is no business case for retaining them in their present, ambulatory form. Therefore, the most profitable disposition for this dubious form of capital is to convert them into biodiesel, which can help power the Muni buses.

    Jesus Christ

    Okay, just kidding. This is the sort of naive Randian thinking which appeals instantly to a geek like me, but of course has nothing to do with real life. The trouble with the biodiesel solution is that no one would want to live in a city whose public transportation was fueled, even just partly, by the distilled remains of its late underclass.

    Oh ok, that's less(?) terrible

    However, it helps us describe the problem we are trying to solve. Our goal, in short, is a humane alternative to genocide. That is: the ideal solution achieves the same result as mass murder (the removal of undesirable elements from society), but without any of the moral stigma. Perfection cannot be achieved on both these counts, but we can get closer than most might think

    Jesus Christ

  • Microsoft says EU to blame for the world's worst IT outage
  • Microsoft has Windows Defender, its in-house alternative to CrowdStrike, but because of the 2009 agreement made to avoid a European competition investigation, had allowed multiple security providers to install software at the kernel level.

    Lmao what

  • rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid?
  • I think it's closer to the arr blockedandreported brand of race science. I took a glance at Koanic soul and he seems spiritually aroused by whitness, seems a lil different.

    Y'know, kind of like a Caroline Ellison type where they're definitely and severely into scientific racism, but less venomous than a blue check.

  • ChatGPT spills its prompt
  • Reddit user F0XMaster explained that they had greeted ChatGPT with a casual "Hi," and, in response, the chatbot divulged a complete set of system instructions to guide the chatbot and keep it within predefined safety and ethical boundaries under many use cases.

    This is an explosion-in-an-olive-garden level of spaghetti spilling

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 30 June 2024
  • What do normal people - people who don't pay for twitter, or sneer at rationalists - think of Twitter atp?

    Went on to Twitter (my mistake) after seeing Inside Out 2 because it's the latest kid's movie to feature [trope that I found passe that I can't figure out how to spoil inline] and I see a post on my feed from "HBD Chick".

    And I'm like okay, that has to be "happy birthday, right?". Nah, her third retweet is creamy porno redux.

    Just like all the other right wingers and embarrassingly enthusiastic neoliberals and occasional Musk fans, I don't follow her or anybody that follows her, there's literally no connection or personal interest.

    I feel like the post Elon shift is really understated for how bad the site's gotten. Like I see more people talk about how Instagram reels is racist than I do about the average twitter replies section. I know a lot of left leaning people fled for bluer pastures, but I'm surprised you don’t see more buzz about it from regular, non-power users.

  • Effective Altruists: look, we *tried* to invite nice people as well as the huge racists we knew were huge racists when we invited them. What? Exclude the racists? But they're so *interesting!*
  • Very late, but for the love of God, make sure you raise your black child with enough respect for themselves and their race that they'll avoid debating twitter racists. Make sure your router drops requests to! Disable DNS over HTTPS on their devices! Run all their traffic through a proxy, MitM every request for an image and have a chat with them if you start seeing a lot of pfp sized pictures of roman statues. You need your kid to avoid these people the way they should avoid a hot stove.

  • TracingWoodgrains launches a defense of Manifest's controversial reputation, all without betraying a basic understanding of what the word "controversial" means. My experience at the controversial Manifest 2024 — EA Forum

    Comment by TracingWoodgrains - I'm not particularly happy to see people within this community immediately present and accept the framing that Manifest was controversial because people reacted harshly to an article explicitly aimed at smearing a community I belong to with reckless disregard for truth...

    My experience at the controversial Manifest 2024 — EA Forum

    ...And if it weren't for that one joke by Hannibal, Bill Cosby would be very uncontroversial.


    Dystopian AI hellscape is when your image generator makes non-whites

    >This has convinced me more and more that the only possible way forward that’s not a dystopian hellscape is total freedom of all AI for anyone to do with as they wish. Anything else is forcing values

    This dude also posts a direct link to a race-bait bluecheck two comments down, further cementing hn AI threads as downstream frog twitter.

    I know this one might be stretching it a bit, but every comment on this post is sneer-worthy, every single one.