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What's something weird and mostly useless that you can do with your body?
  • I can't block my nose in that way. I tried when your comment came in, but I can't conceive of how to do it.

    With the ear popping thing, I just hear the rushing of my breath. I can see how you might be able to hear your heart. I might be making this up in my head, but I feel like maybe I could hear it when I was younger.

  • What's something weird and mostly useless that you can do with your body?
  • I do this thing where I pop my ears (like when pressure changes from altitude) and then it's like I'm hearing my breathing inside of my sinuses or something. When I breathe this way, it effectively blocks conversations I don't want to overhear. Do other people do this, or am I odd?

  • Quiet Nourishing
  • Life in the Crimson Corporation is typical: there are good times, when benefit packages and bonuses improve and bad times, when the corporation has to lay off some employees. Only, if one is out of job, one is out of luck. Since everything on Druuge worlds is Corporation property, every ex-employee is instantly trespassing and guilty of stealing corporation property, like air and sunlight. The only suitable punishment in Druuge laws for that is to feed the Furnace. Retired ex-employees are, however, allowed to breathe Corporation air (albeit at decreased rates).

  • Have win7 laptop. What to play on it?
  • That would be phenomenal, but I imagine it's unlikely.

    However, if we're in the realm of unlikely scenarios, maybe they can give me a follow-up to Xcom: Enemy Within that proceeds from an Xcom victory in the first game. I never got into Xcom 2 because it ignored the buildup to the greater enemy foreshadowed at the end of Enemy Within. Not knocking those who liked what we just didn't work for me.

  • Typical Homeoffice meeting with cats
  • Gang, is there like a biological reason cats put their butts in your face? Based on everyone's reaction, it's obviously something we've all seen enough that we find the meme funny or at least relatable.

  • SSD for Old Laptop

    I'm looking to replace the HDD on an HP Pavilion dv 6 6130-us. It has an i-3 2330M CPU. I know it's old as dirt, but I'd like to use it to run old games. It's also the only thing I own with a CD drive.

    I've upgraded the RAM to the maximum it will support (16 GB). I'm thinking an SSD will help it run a great deal faster, but I'm stuck on what to get. So far, the Crucial MX500 seems like a good choice, but I'm wondering if any semi-reliable cheap SSD will do for something this old. I have to stick with something with a 2.5 inch form factor that uses SATA. Thoughts?


    First PC for My Son

    So my eight-year-old wants a desktop PC. He's kind of a budding gamer, but right now, he almost exclusively plays Roblox on his iPad and will definitely carry this over to the PC. As he gets older, he may want to graduate to more demanding titles. On the other hand, he may also get bored with it and stick with consoles and mobile gaming.

    I don't want to spend a ton on a PC for a very young child who may not take to PC gaming seriously, but I also want to get something that might be upgradeable as he grows if he wants to join the PC master race.

    In my research, I came across this.

    The recommendation I saw in PCMag that led me to the PC above suggested that the integrated graphics with the Ryzen 5 5600G could serve as a starting point for low level gaming and allow me to spend on a GPU card later if it's justified. The price and functionality appear to offer exactly the path I want.

    I've seen other, more expensive versions of this pre-built, and I've also looked at the possibility of building it myself. I like this particular chip because it's only a generation or so back and it still appears to be well-regarded by the community. If I went with one of the cheap old workstation conversions, I'd be limited by proprietary hardware and fewer options--a lot of the stuff out there, especially Intel stuff, is very old and won't be able to run Windows 11 when it becomes necessary. What I'm finding suggests this path could see us through quite a few years to come and allow us to upgrade as needed.

    Am I barking up the wrong tree here, or does this seem like it could work the way I want?

    UPDATE: I've decided to buy the pre built deal I found with the 6500G. I would like to go to a fancier build, but the price of the AM5 chips and motherboards takes them off of the table for me right now. I think what I'm getting will be good enough as some of you have said.

    Thanks to everyone for your help! If y'all are interested, I'll post an update when I get it.


    Can you filter out posts on Lemmy that are in languages other than one you speak?

    I'm getting a lot of parts in languages I can't read. Can I filter for just my native language?