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Save The Date - Demo gegen Tierversuche in Frankfurt
  • Und was ist mit den Tieren aus anderen Städten?

  • Endangered Species
  • for your dead friend?

  • Which would you pick?
  • ...and the opossum orders some ticks... the end

  • World of dogcraft
  • ... and her peanut butter was delicious

  • Gollum Rule
  • stupid sexy Gollum

  • Indeed
  • Why would one unuse Arch btw?

  • Kanada ist auch schön.

  • Bye son
  • Where are the wolves?

  • ich🙀iel
  • Und wie sieht es mit einem Helmholtz-Resonator aus? Hat da jmd Erfahrung mit?

  • The 10 of This Is Fine
  • Ahhh, the good old fuck it all lobotomy

  • ich💲iel
  • Viel zu stabil im Wert

  • Alternative cooling for BKHD 1264 NAS mainboard
  • No, 6 SATA ports as well. link

  • Alternative cooling for BKHD 1264 NAS mainboard
  • I have a similar board with a similar cooler and it's very quiet. It's temperature controlled and mostly off or on low RPM. I can't hear it in its case. I haven't stress tested it though.

    edit: the N100 has a lower TDP then my CPU

  • Enjoy your day
  • Aw, damnit, my day is ending very soon 😕

  • Text editor war
  • Amen!

  • ich📦iel
  • Senpai aus dem Wasserbecken? Bist das du?

  • Thatcher rule
  • They cute tho