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Many believe the founders wanted a Christian America. Some want the government to declare one now
  • Just my experience but I know someone who is a lobbyist for a high profile brand and has said to me “the founders intended for this to be a Christian nation so making laws that reflect those values is okay” Not saying you are wrong but I have encountered at least one, and that one is in a very influential position.

  • Many believe the founders wanted a Christian America. Some want the government to declare one now
  • So every church and its earnings go to the State… And Social Welfare programs become more widespread… And housing the homeless is now law… Lying during your campaign is an immediate expulsion from public office..

    What else would make these fascists turn tail and reconsider?

  • Australia is bigger than some people overseas imagine.
  • If by slightly you mean nearly 20%, I believe that’s only because of Alaska, then it would be smaller. The real crazy huge one is modern day Russia which is easily double Australia and almost 80% larger than the United States.

  • rule
  • I hear what you’re saying, but if I may provide an extreme example… Try wearing a sauvastika in the western world these days and what do you think the response will be? Once a symbol of abundance and prosperity became the most prominent hateful symbol for generations. Decades after the annihilation of Nazi Germany and the swastika is still given their interpretation. I don’t have an answer as to how to prevent this from happening all over again like it is to a lesser degree with vocabulary such as this is describing.

  • Not Facebook but sure bud.
  • First you missed the point of that post.

    Second, people with brain function can’t control their blood pressure. If they could we wouldn’t need BP meds. Unless your name is Dwight or Dennis.

  • Where do these post?

    @[email protected] draw for me a beautiful night style: fantasy


    Why are so many galaxies symmetrical?

    On their massive scale you’d think that several would have opposing arms different lengths due to the way suns and solar systems end up forming. Most of the imagery I see shows almost all galaxies symmetrical. Just curious.