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Millennials are 'quiet vacationing' rather than asking their boss for PTO: 'There's a giant workaround culture'
  • A majority, 78%, of U.S. workers say they don’t take all their PTO days, and it’s highest among Gen Z workers and millennials

    Younger professionals say they don’t ask for time off because they feel pressure to meet deadlines and be productive

    Another article sensationalizing the term "millennial" for clicks. Millennials are in their 40s now.

  • Humane is looking for a buyer after the AI Pin’s underwhelming debut
  • I think the general concept was to be a Star Trek communicator badge from the TNG era. And more a tech-fashion object as opposed to having to lug around a pocket computer.

    I like the concept in theory, as I've grown tired of smartphones, (and I contributed to the snartphone's very design and existence) but execution is flawed/too early.

  • Grocery stores promoting gas discounts are not helping the transition away from gas vehicles
  • I actually see this rest stop idea as really cool advantage to bring life back to random locations across the country. Kinda like the 1950s Route 66 road tour theme that was popular back then. Create a stop with some goofy thing to look at, some food, some place to stretch, a park, a rock wall, whatever. Great opportunity to capitalism while creating fun and working around the range problem until technology improves or countries like the US get with the program and go more public transport.

    As for:

    Stop pretending we need to drive 500 miles without stopping, that’s dangerous anyway.

    It is more a functional reality in western states, not a luxury or something to boast about. One can drive that 200 miles (likely your charge range will be less at 85MPH with a 60MPH headwind and ascending 4000 vertical feet over a few hours) without having services, utilities, or even towns. The range is a necessity to get back to civilization, let alone finding a charger or gas station.

  • "Features"
  • Ha, what a delightful way to share! Figured it would be easy enough to Internet search, but this way, others reading the thread will be more inclined to enable it when it is just right in the conversation.

    Edit: Holy crap, this finally got rid of the weird start menu lag where it used to be "hit win key, type fir, launch firefox" to "hit win key....start menu freezes with no typing, a second modal window floats above it, sometimes in arbitrary locations on the screen (likely because I told Edge to not run in the background ever so it always cold-starts) then "fir" appears there, or sometimes "ir" or sometimes "r" or sometimes nothing." Just to run a program.

  • Woman accused of neo-Nazi plot to attack Baltimore's energy grid pleads guilty
  • They're itching to tap into their 500 gallons of Prepper's Milk and Jerky stew. They want their larping to be real so hard. It pairs well with the religious nutters that think by killing others, they'll be allowed in Their God's Heaven. It's mind-boggling.

  • 4 months durability for an $800 phone!
  • It's also partly because phones now require 60,000 antennae and radio waves don't go through metal. Wireless charging, NFC, wifi (x2), bluetooth, cellular (x4), UWB..... There's some ability to reuse the antennas via TDM and other tricks but they just "need" so many these days. Also also, plastic is kinda evil from a pollution standpoint, although one could also argue that it could just be recycled with the rest of the phone.

  • AT&T paid bribes to get two major pieces of legislation passed, US gov’t says

    Payments helped AT&T obtain key legislative wins in Illinois, prosecutors say.

    AT&T paid bribes to get two major pieces of legislation passed, US gov’t says

    The US government has provided more detail on how a former AT&T executive allegedly bribed a powerful state lawmaker's ally in order to obtain legislation favorable to AT&T's business.

    Former AT&T Illinois President Paul La Schiazza is set to go on trial in September 2024 after being indicted on charges of conspiracy to unlawfully influence then-Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. AT&T itself agreed to pay a $23 million fine in October 2022 in connection with the alleged illegal influence campaign and said it was "committed to ensuring that this never happens again."

    US government prosecutors offered a preview of their case against La Schiazza in a filing on Friday in US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. A contract lobbyist hired by AT&T "is expected to testify that AT&T successfully passed two major pieces of legislation after the company started making payments to Individual FR-1."

    The Madigan ally referred to in the court document as "Individual FR-1" is former state Rep. Edward Acevedo, a Chicago Tribune article notes. Acevedo, who was Madigan's assistant majority leader in the Illinois House before retiring in 2017, was sentenced to six months in prison for tax evasion in 2022. Madigan left his House speaker post in 2021.

    Renters need to make roughly $20,000 more a year to afford the typical rent than they did 5 years ago
  • It is just waiting for a tipping point to kick the whole powder keg off, basically. Like a dormant volcano as the pressure builds below the surface. At that point, people will seem irrational and random, just because there are so many vectors of fail taking place in parallel.

    Random example that comes to mind, was talking to a friend and they were mentioning their employer is going to start a weekend rotation for teams. One of the shifts has 3 people, so once every three weeks, one employee will be working 7 days a week. They previously had weekend staff to cover the weekend shift. The company's solution wasn't to hire more, redistribute, or one of the many other ways to solve the problem. Just, Lumberg from Office Space instead.

  • Grocery stores promoting gas discounts are not helping the transition away from gas vehicles
  • Electric vehicles aren't helping with the transition to electric vehicles. Cars are more expensive than ever. If one has a choice between an annoyingly necessary vehicle that can get them to and from work and take care of long trips, or something that costs the same (or more) and can't even get you halfway across the state on a single charge, which would one with a limited budget pick?

    I have some friends that tried to take the plunge with EV. They bought one used, so some age on the traction pack. Cold-ass winter came along, the car doesn't do active thermal management of the pack. They could barely make it 24 miles between towns. Their next car will be a hybrid. Until EVs are priced similar and behave similar to ICE cars, it's going to be a slow roll to convert people.

  • Americans have now spent all $2.1 trillion of their pandemic savings, San Francisco Fed says
  • Why do I feel this is a false narrative for the rich so they stop perpetuating the lie that "nobody wants to work" from two stimulus checks that came 4 years ago? I probably spent more during the pandemic than usual at periods to adapt to it and buy hand soap and toilet paper among other things. It also triggered a pattern of more savings than ever that won't be undone any time soon. Events like that tend to have a generational effect that can't be explained away in a two bit headline.

  • AT&T App Update Reveals New, Unannounced 'Turbo' Priority Data Add-on

    AT&T appears to be working on a new add-on that lets users pay for better access to their network in times of congestion.

    AT&T App Update Reveals New, Unannounced 'Turbo' Priority Data Add-on

    AT&T doesn't charge users extra to access its fastest 5G networks, but it soon may charge more to let people get priority access to its network during busier times. In an app update published in the iOS App Store on Monday, the company detailed a new add-on feature called "Turbo."

    While the add-on did not appear accessible inside the updated app, a description alongside the update says that you can add "AT&T Turbo" to a line on your account which will "provide uninterrupted network speeds during peak traffic times." In short, pay more for better access to AT&T's network when it's busy.

    1 AT&T outage caused by software update, company says

    AT&T outage impacting US customers prompts investigation into possible cyberattack.

    AT&T outage caused by software update, company says

    A temporary network disruption that affected AT&T customers in the U.S. Thursday was caused by a software update, the company said.

    AT&T told ABC News in a statement ABC News that the outage was not a cyberattack but caused by "the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we were expanding our network."

    "We are continuing our assessment of today’s outage to ensure we keep delivering the service that our customers deserve," the statement continued.

    The software update went wrong, according to preliminary information from two sources familiar with the situation.

    Sources have told ABC News that there was nothing nefarious or malicious about the incident.

    The outage was not caused by an external actor, according to a source familiar with the situation. AT&T performs updates regularly, according to the source.

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