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France’s far-right leader says he will not be PM without absolute majority
  • What's with all the right wing politicians going full fascist all over the world ? Scary times for sure. Time to pull hard left politically as a planet and species. Between fascism and unchecked capitalism things are baaaad for everyone.

  • Why Americans aren’t buying more EVs
  • I want a super cheap EV for 15k-20k to drive around the city, but I'm not ready to give up my gas jeep.

    The cheapest EV I can seem to find is about 45k CAD new, looks stupid, and comes with a ton of features I don't want that will just break and need repair...

  • The Biden Campaign is Courting an Unexpected Group of Voters: Republicans
  • I think Republicans are finally waking up to the fact their party has been hijacked by MAGA and their own interests don't align with Trump's personal interests.

    I still can't believe how willing they are to parrot Russian propaganda though given how things were a mere 20 years ago.

  • Biden is dramatically out of touch with voters on Gaza. He may lose because of it | Moira Donegan
  • Young people are always dissapointing for politics , from simply not turning out, to being confused and manipulated, to voting against their own interests.

    Every young voter seems to do the same nonsense regardless of generation, they have been blinded by Propaganda again.

  • Should parking fines depend on how much your car costs? One councillor is asking
  • Yep, this or income.

    A prime example is the show the "grand tour". There was an episode in the nordic countries, and these guys race cars around and speed everywhere, except when they hit Finland where tickets are based off income, and they drove like angels and explained it was so they didn't end up with 6 figure speeding tickets.

    It works and is fair.

  • Trump: Jews should be ‘ashamed’ if they vote for Biden
  • I'm confused at the republican position on Jews, either they are evil and control everything or we are not doing enough to help them...

    It's almost as if they don't actually care about them and are just using them as a political pawn.

  • B.C. court rules 'SIM swap' theft victim can't sue phone company
  • Seems like if the carrier just gave a new sim card to a scammer without verifying they should be on the hook for the bill?

    Seems like a bad ruling, but I need more info than the article provides.

    A new sim card should only be obtainable in store with valid ID.

  • Republicans Funded by Arms Industry Fume Over Biden Threat to Withhold Bombs From Israel
  • I wish the people threatening to vote for Trump to punish Biden for his Isreal stance actually take a look at the Republicans position on the palestianians, which is swift and total anhilation.

    But they aren't the brightest bunch, being manipulated by Russian propaganda and all.

  • Microsoft says it needs games like Hi-Fi Rush the day after killing its studio
  • The gamepass numbers looks way better than they actually are. There is that loophole where you can buy Xbox gold and convert to gamepass for a really small amount compared to what gamepass actually charges. A ton of people like myself got that deal, because it was like $100 for 3 years of gamepass. I will never renew or do gamepass again, as it's just not worth it for me. I imagine there a ton of people like myself on the discounted converted plans with no plans of renewal, especially at full price.

    They have set themselves up to lose a ton of users, and fail, and they are unaware.