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Proxmox bind mounts are a nightmare for user permissions
  • Sage advice.

    I went through the same thing and eventually reached the conclusion that a VM really is the best method. I did get a working LXC Docker setup going, but I could just not get it to be as stable as a VM long-term.

  • Am I the only one who missed the Owncloud rewrite in Go?
  • I would have used Owncloud Infinite Scale but the fact you can’t use your own existing files makes it a complete non-starter for me. I don’t want my files locked behind Decomposed FS.

    Unless I’ve read things wrong, which is entirely possible.

  • Dr Disrespect Admits To 'Inappropriate' Messages With Minor: 'I'm No Fucking Predator Or Pedophile'
  • I’ve attended a seminar for child protection before that was delivered by a former cop (that worked in the sex crimes division) and they said the exact same thing - in the context of correctly making the distinction between paedophile and sex offender.

    Sounds like he was grooming her.

  • A Short IPv6 Guide for Home IPv4 Admins
  • Each year I seem to think “this will be the year I set up IPv6 in my homelab” - but then I never get around to it.

    If I have to run both v4 and v6 concurrently, there isn’t much incentive/motivation for me to use v6 locally.

    Maybe I’ll get around to it when there’s a net benefit for me for my use case, or when I’m forced to.

    Am I just imagining it to be more complicated than it actually is?

    My router runs pfsense and I have 6 VLANs each with its own subnet - Management, Trusted, IoT, Cameras, Guest, and Web Facing Servers.

  • Immich public roadmap
  • Can you view an external library using your own folder structure and not in a timeline display? I was under the impression Immich can’t do that, at least not without manually creating them all as separate albums or by using a script.


    I have photos from the last 30 years stored in this type of folder structure:


    • 2002-06-23 Mum’s birthday party — 2002-06-23 Mum’s birthday party-0001.TIF

    I’m less interested in using it for photo backup since I’d prefer not to use an automated tool since I curate everything in my library so that it stays organised - I’m looking for something for viewing/displaying and sharing.

  • Immich public roadmap
  • One feature that I hope that Immich adopts is to allow for external libraries to be displayed in an existing folder structure. There’s no built-in way to do this and requires a script that uses albums as a workaround. A lot of photographers have organised folders by date/event that span years/decades, so it’s not practical to create these manually with albums.

    The closest I’ve found is a cron script which does album generation automatically, but it’s not a ‘future proof’ solution since it could stop working at any time.

    Memories (Nextcloud), Photoprism, and Photoview can do this.