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Nice to see us all agreeing for once
  • OR, imagine in your "Democratic" work environment, sentiment eventually split into 50/50 over which manager to vote for and one manager had been bought and paid for by a rival business to undermine your co-op business in the same space, but but his followers were racist and anti-abortion and anti lgbt and cult like and threatened violence to the other side?
    All roads lead to some percentage of authoritarianism. Sorry, but there is no way socialism works. Or really any single system yet devised by man.
    Humans gonna human.
    No matter the system, there will always be born some greedy psychopath with the intelligence to attempt to get power, and the type of people that would follow. People need to learn to live with a balance of each ideology mixed.

  • SSDE
  • Lol what a response...
    Weather? Burning witches? Tha fuck are you on about?
    None of that nonsense is a worry.
    Didn't quite grasp it, eh?
    Kinda makes you look like you have an agenda..
    Aw well, I tried.

  • SSDE
  • You seem a little daft. So I'll help explain in easier language.
    Trump, bad.
    Biden, bad.
    If Biden win, u get 4 years to protest and complain about policy until your voice is maybe heard, and either way then see new candidate options.
    If Trump win, u no get chance for new candidate after 4 years, cuz he's a fucking psychopath and won't give up power. And solidification of more and more power will entail recruitment of more and more zealots which is a path he has shown he is willing to take.
    It will show other power hungry nutjobs coming up that the Trump method works and to get even more radical in future campaigns/movements.
    Then the future zealot-Maga-NeoNazi mob will take complete control as they'll be planted in all key aspects of government and military and police (already there most likely) and they will normalize hate and start rounding up all the types of humans they fear/dislike or that don't agree with their views, and they'll commit fucking genocide on your home fucking soil.
    So if you vote for Biden, there is genocide but you're not complicit simply because you pay taxes.
    And if you don't vote Biden, there is even more genocide, but possibly to people you know and love, and you are complicit because you failed to act, and you can kindly fuck off with that dumbshittery.

  • The new, rewritten Proton Mail Android app is now available to everyone!
  • I don't see an option in the android app to affect rules and I don't remember ever making a rule in the web version.
    The only thing I ever changed was to flip on the "conversation view" in web version.

  • The new, rewritten Proton Mail Android app is now available to everyone!
  • A setting to arrange conversations newest on top, please.

    Also, maybe someone here knows what this problem is:
    I recently sent a few emails to recipients and they went to the sent folder after, as expected.
    But replies to those emails from the recipients do not come into the Inbox, I can only find them in the Sent folder afterward.
    What gives?

  • thats depressing
  • Lol, implying women are attracted to money is not a stereotype that only an incel can attribute. Comedy often pokes fun at stereotypes, of course without trying to offend.
    I don't think the joke is ".. literally placing the blame .."
    The joke is more light-hearted than outright "blame".
    "Incel" is a modern word with negative connotation, that I don't think need be retroactively applied to all things related to rejection or attraction from a woman.
    It ruins the joke.

  • Donald Trump wants to control the Justice Department and FBI. His allies have a plan
  • You must be thinking of the "sane" that exists in your version of the world where you believe Democrats will win the vote, Trump accepts the loss with a graceful congratulatory speech to Biden, the Mets win the world series, love conquers all, and somehow, all the fucking lunatic/racist/homophobe/suckered/religious/nutjob-types (not saying all republicans) just decide to back down and play fair.

    It might not be sane people who start a civil war. But that doesn't mean sane people won't be drawn into it, or targeted.

  • The Scream
  • The others on the pier don't seem to concerned about anything..
    Looks more like this painting should have been called, "The 'Oh shit, I think I left my wallet on the bench back there'."

  • Illicit fentanyl is entering the US at highest rates ever
  • There wasn't the opioid epidemic we now have when those episodes came out. Those drug companies making synthetic were just getting started.
    And there's no reality. Patient comes in unconscious from an unknown malady and Stamo's character is like, "Chem 7, CBC, Fent lollipop!"