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Long delays and collapsed cases are eroding faith in the justice system, lawyers warn
  • Having a solid justice system is important, because if you don't, you start hearing the argument that police brutality isn't a bad thing because it's the only way offenders get punished. (Sadly, I have heard this argument from people who should know better.)

  • Open Source Equivalent to Project Planning?
  • If you want something super simple to generate a calendar, you can generate Gantt charts with PlantUML. There are more complicated tools out there that try to replace Microsoft Project, but personally I haven't found anything really worth the extra UI vs the simple text markup source file for plantuml. (ymmv)

  • FCC Denies Starlink Low-Orbit Bid for Lower Latency
  • It's already a bit of a mess to manage, especially if you include the debris. Back in 2007 China blew up a satellite, and as of a few years ago that represented almost a third of all tracked space debris.. (it has its own wikipedia page) If these jokers ever start deliberately blowing up each others' satellites, we could end up in a situation where space becomes inaccessible.