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It's weird this happenned twice
  • Consider shrinking your scale. There's an impulse to draw entire worlds or continents, but then you feel obliged to operate at that scale. The "Known world" of my players for the last 3 campaigns is roughly the size of Florida, and they don't even see all of it, not by a long shot. In those 4 campaigns, they:

    1. Traveled from the capital to the border and back again
    2. Settled a valley on the border
    3. Sailed up and down the coast And that represents 12 years of gaming! It's only the campaign I'm prepping now where they are going to explore the other side of the mountains...another chunk of land roughly the size of Florida :P
  • I absolutely love this idea
  • It's called Theatre of the Mind. I've definitely done it, and it has it's advantages (cheap, lower prep time) but I don't favor it nowadays. Especially in my last campaign, a swashbuckling pirate adventure, I tried to always have at least some kind of visual aid, because it's critical to that swashbuckling feel - the players can't swing from the chandelier if they don't know there's a chandelier.

  • Why did they put eyeliner on evil Kirk 😳
  • Queercoding villains to make them seem dangerous and deviant to the people of the time (and those that are still stuck in that time). Admittedly, the people making that decision probably weren't conscious of that being why they thought eyeliner made him look villainous.

  • How do you start your new campaigns?
  • I like to start with some kind of action that also gives the group a reason to work together. Eg the inquisition drags you all out of your beds in the night and chains you together, or (in the game where everyone was a werewolf) you're out in the woods hunting and this deer can run faster than you, how do you work together to take it down, or you've all been pressganged to work on some evil bastard's ship, what do you do about it. That kind of thing.

  • I need 1 more thing an evil necromancer dictator would have in his garden

    I've got an unholy-water fountain, a human chessboard, and an evil hedge maze. I need 1 more thing to put in the last corner of the square courtyard/garden thing. Any suggestions?