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Tips for making indoor porch eco friendly?

Hello! I'm looking to weatherproof/winterize an indoor porch, but in a more eco-friendly way. I've scoured the internet, and can only find a few, if any, tips for doing so. Any tips are appreciated!


Arc as main browser...

Hi. I'm seriously considering using Arc as my main browser. It's based on Chrome, though, so it's heavily google-fied. But! It's similar to Vivaldi, in the sense it's unique. The tab tree is on the left and you have a split screen option in the task bar area. You can add chrome extensions also, which is great. It's semi-aimed at power users. I haven't discovered all features yet, so far I'm pretty impressed. It updates almost daily/regularly. I'm definitely gonna put it in my roster of main browsers.


Let's talk about Floorp

Hi. Floorp released an update today, and posted something interesting also. Floorp posted the parent company Ablaze, wanted to monetize Floorp while protecting the privacy of its users. I disagree, because I enjoy Floorp being free. What do you think though?


Comrad, the socialist network

Hey comrades! I was browsing facebook alternatives and one in particular caught my eye. It's called Comrad and it's a socialist social network. I haven't tried it myself, but it sounds pretty interesting! Has anyone here given it a try?


Do we like Bill Burr now?

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a fan at all of Bill Burr, but he recently went on Bill Maher's show, and said he was with the students. He's also said some inflammatory things in the past, so I'm not sure. Are we cool with Bill Burr, now?


Apps like No Thanks, but for the environment

Hi. I'm looking for an app that tells you which companies pollute. Something like No Thanks, which tells you brands that support Israel, but for companies that pollute the water or dump waste.

Does anybody know of an app like that?


Some green apps to try!

Hi! I recently discovered a couple eco-friendly apps to try out. But, I'm also wondering if there are any eco-friendly social networks out there? I haven't had much luck in my search, maybe people here have heard something? Here are the apps I discovered:

Ecosia: Eco-friendly search engine. It's very well known. Everytime you search, you plant trees and in the app you can see how many trees you plant.

OceanHero: Similar concept to Ecosia. Eco-friendly search engine/browser on android. The search engine pays groups to clean up trash in the ocean.

Ailuna: Eco-friendly app that gives you tips to be more eco friendly and you can meet up with other people and join eco-friendly groups.

Earth Hero: Similar to Ailuna. You get points for every eco-friendly task you do. It gives you suggestions to be more eco-friendly and you get points when you complete a task

Last one is Earth5R: From what I gather, it's a eco-friendly social network, you can sign up for eco-friendly jobs and the like.

Give them a try and share them with family and friends.

I will be using metal straws and a thermos today when I get my coffee.

Supernatural, UFO's & Disclosure sinewyshadow

Do you believe in ghosts?

Hi. I definitely believe in ghosts, but a part of me also thinks some things can be caused by a gas leak/chemical leak, and exposed electrical wires. But my question is, do you believe in the paranormal/ghosts/demons?


Opinions on Vivaldi?

I've been using Vivaldi the past couple days, and I'm liking it a lot. I like that it has a memory saver now. The workspace feature is pretty cool too. What does Lemmy think of Vivaldi? Fave feature? Bonus question: Do you use crypto browsers like Brave?


My rating of Lemmy

Hi. So when I'm watching a tv show or movie, and it hits me in the feels, I will think something like "Oh, this movie is wholesome, or this tv show is wholesome" Even if it has swearing in it, as long as the message is a good one. I've been on Lemmy now a couple days, and I rate lemmy super-duper wholesome. Maybe it was the question/thread I asked, but the responses I got were very nice. Lots of people love to cuddle dogs as self-care and by golly, that's just as wholesome as it gets.

Should I join "free speech" alternatives?
  • I think you're right that the anger is misguided. I also think it stems from trauma, but that's just me. It's like the old saying "hurt people hurt people" and right-wingers are a bunch of repressed, hurt people.

  • Do you practice self care?

    Hello. Let's talk about self-care. Who practices self-care regularly? I've been making an absolute effort to practice self-care, and it's definitely improving my mood. I floss, meditate, do qigong, breathwork, etc. Yes, flossing is self-care, take care of yo teefs. What does everyone do for self-care? Bonus question: Where else can I post questions besides Ask Lemmy?

    Should I join "free speech" alternatives?
  • I used to hang out on toefur, a straight edge forum (I was straight edge for the majority of my life, not anymore though) It wasn't a bad site to be on, but it had its moments. I learned the phrase fuckdammit there.

  • Should I join "free speech" alternatives?
  • Maybe it's just my way of thinking, but if someone says "you can't do that" I usually stop doing that and shut down, because it's not allowed. I have autism, so that my play a role in it, but my go to response is to just shut down usually and stop doing that thing or avoid it all together.

  • Besides lemmy, what's another good reddit alternative?
  • Aw, no! Phuks has fallen to hate speech? I'll have to investigate this. I investigated, and didn't find any hate speech. Just some dumb jokes. I'm talking they have posts with the N word right on the front page. So disgusting.

  • Should I join "free speech" alternatives?

    Hello! I've been searching for a reddit alternative, and yes, I've picked Lemmy and Raddle, but here's the thing. My morbid curiosity is perked up, and a part of me wants to join the "free speech" alternatives, like Saidit, Poal, etc. What's wrong with me that I want to join toxic places? I mean, yes I'll find a whole new perspective (albeit wrong), on political topics, but a part of me wants to be the antagonist, and post lefty memes, and music with a left-leaning message (bands from r/rabm) I know that's like kicking the hornet's nest, so you don't need to start in with "that's a bad idea" I know it is. My main point/question is, is it wrong to join a site with potential hate speech? Does it make someone a bad person?


    Besides lemmy, what's another good reddit alternative?

    Hi! Recently exiled reddit user, here. I'm curious what other alternatives to reddit there are, besides Lemmy, and Raddle, of course. Also, imho, Phuks is a good alternative, there's no hate-speech (that I'm aware of) and people are pretty respectful. Anyways, let's hear your suggestions! Thank you!


    What happened to The Militant?

    I decided to check out The Militant, a socialist news site, and it looks to be supporting Israel. I could be wrong and I hope I am, but wtf?


    For Leftists: What happens when a content creator has a questionable guest on?

    Hi. This question is for leftists mostly. If you watch a content creator that's on the left, but they have a questionable guest on, do you continue to watch that creator or do you find a different creator to watch? I sometimes watch The Convo Couch and Danny Haiphong, but they've had very questionable guests on and I can't bring myself to support guests like that. Bonus question: Do you watch non-left channels?


    How to install and run python plugins?

    Hello! I was a big fan of Atom editor, and I'm very glad that Pulsar is continuing the legacy of Atom. My concern/question is, how in the heck do I install plugins? Specifically, plugins for python? And also, is there a terminal/space to run Python code like there is in VSCodium? In VSCodium, there's a play button and code runs automatically in the built in terminal. Any help is appreciated!


    Adaptogens and Autism

    Hello comrades! I figured I might have a bit more scientific responses here than Reddit, or maybe the same. So, for the longest damn time, I was really into adaptogenic teas, it gave me a bit of a buzz but in a good way. More focused I should say. I also have autism, and I tried a cordyceps tea and I didn't feel as autistic when drinking the tea if that makes sense? I'm pretty dumb when it comes to scientific things, like the brain and stuff, so please help me understand. If I try adaptogenic teas again, will it take away more of my autism, as the adaptogenic rewire your brain? Also, I'm confused on the whole neurprotective thing. Does neuroprotective mean it'll protect my autistic brain? Or what exactly does that mean?

    P.S. I'm NOT trying to get rid of my autism AT ALL. I know it's in your genes/dna, but then how do adaptogens work?

    Bonus question: How long do adaptogenic teas stay in your system, and do your nerve pathways go back to normal when you stop taking adaptogens?


    Linux on an old computer?

    Hello. I bought a new computer recently, and the computer I'm replacing is still good, but it only works as a tablet now. I'm considering putting Linux on it, but would it be worth it or should I get rid of my old computer? Thanks!


    Should I try WHM again?

    Hi. I started doing the WHM (Wim Hof Method, for those not in the know) a couple years ago, it was going great. Recently, however, I started getting panic attacks, and I figured the WHM was to blame, so I have stopped doing it altogether. However, I've found ways to manage my panic attacks/paranoia, and now my brain's like "Well, since you're calmer, try the WHM again" And I'm weary it will trigger my panic attacks again? Should I give it a try or stick to what I've been doing? I should mention, I got back into yoga, and that's helped DRAMATICALLY with my anxiety/panic attacks. Which is why I'm considering doing the WHM again, because, apparently, the WHM will bring up past traumas, but yoga helps to get rid of that trauma, so in my head, if I combine the two, I'll be releasing that trauma? If that makes sense.


    Side effects of nitric oxide?

    Hi. I just started buteyko method, and it's supposed to relax you and release nitric oxide when you do it. I did a session earlier, and I started seeing visuals/swirling of colors in my eyes. I'm pretty sure it was the nitric oxide being released. Are there any major side effects to nitric oxide? Could I get super high if my body released enough of it?