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Why doesn't any country do this?
  • Yom Kippur was mentioned in the article. Some documentary mentioned the hundreds of trails of wire you could find on the battlefield. Not related but related idea were missiles streaming carbon fibers to short out electrical stations during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

    Missiles would be cooler if they didn't kill.

  • New Federal Rules Protect LGBTQ People From Misgendering, Bathroom Bans
  • The reality of working with black people will mean you slip up and use some casual racism sometimes. These laws are going to add fear to speaking to coloreds let alone hiring them. And what if they're abused?

    The reality of working with women will mean you slip up and and get handsy with them sometimes. These laws are going to add fear to speaking to respectable women let alone hiring them. And what if I'm just talking with the guys?

    I didn't always know that the turban wearing guy at the office wasn't a Muslim but was actually a Sikh. But I didn't need to be told twice, and if I did it was never with malice.

  • Sexsomnia: An embarrassing sleep disorder no one wants to talk about
  • Humor usually never ends up as a path towards solution unless the PERSON EXPERIENCING IT makes fun of it. It's difference between laughing at someone and laughing with someone. It's why there's specific lemmy communities for ADHD and ADHD Women with their own specialized memes: They never accuse anyone of anything, and look at things from a kinder view. I have a boyfriend with ASD and the Autism memes fit to a T. It gives the self a sense of understanding.

    But outsider humor? I see mentions of House and Zapp Brannigan and how it's basically a setup for a joke involving the legal system. No mention of struggles or legitimate efforts to fix or understand the self. These are not jokes made from love. They are for the explicit purpose of othering. I'm not going to walk up to a tall black guy to call him a "Basketball American" anymore than you should call sexsomnia a "prewritten legal defense".

  • Sexsomnia: An embarrassing sleep disorder no one wants to talk about
  • The level of jokes in this comment thread (circa 7:28PM PT Apr. 28) tells me that people really, really don't have great frames of reference for mental disorders of any kind. The article subheadings literally go

    • Sexsomnia can ruin lives

    • What triggers sexsomnia?

    • Behavioral treatments are also available

    This shit ruins lives. Lost relationships, arrests, and a complete inability to find any amount of support because of the sensitive nature of the condition. I have ARFID, a condition I won't even explain because it's gonna attract trolls like flies. I have lived in fear because of how it is associated with kids. It dictates my entire life. I have to plan where I can and cannot go to all the time, every day, monitoring what I consume so I don't fall into self destruction.


    And yes. I wrote this to spur your imagination wild. Don't mention it. Let the kneejerkers respond.

    There is no direct cure for ARFID, just like the article explains for sexsomnia. I have had immense help with my condition when I found the right doctor. The fact that they understood my diagnosis and approached me with extreme respect made me cry. That's how deprived of support I was at 22 years old.

    Love thy neighbor. Don't assume anything because you don't someone's demons.

  • the hardest exam question
  • We have forced it, quite hamfistedly, to do anything. The organic hell-evolution of web browsers turned them into do-anything sandboxed mini-OS. It meant whatever hellish code you used to write your corporate mandated web app could now become a perfectly bloated standalone application. And the demonic language that would enable it was called Javascript. It does the backend and it does the frontend. You could consider those advantages over other devices, like toasters and those handheld electronic games from the 80s.

  • YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown now includes third-party apps
  • It kinda comes out of the experience. There's an outstanding Github issue that notes that a specific version of YT Music is broken past a certain version. Most of the patches fail to apply and you just get the minor ones. You can use the version just before with no issues. How can you litigate against lines of code that don't even work? This is similar to the vulnerability that Yuzu gave up since they offered Patreon-exclusive updates to support a leaked BOTW:TOTK .iso. Easy to prove your intent there.

  • Anon is a physicist
  • Heavy objects, on average, are denser at human scales. Dense objects tend to have an aerodynamic profile compared to sheets of leaves or cloth or sand. They tend to get blown away in the wind. Anything that would bind or compact those lightweight things together like resin or water tends to weigh a sizable percentage of the compound. There is a correlation between heavy and fall speed. It took accurate scales and ~0 bar vacuums to prove it was the air doing it.

    Try explaining how a helium balloon works without sounding like a wizard.

  • XZ backdoor in a nutshell
  • So it's not that the Volkswagen cheated on the emissions test. It's that running the emissions test (as part of the building process) MODIFIED the car ITSELF to guzzle gas after the fact. We're talking Transformers level of self modification. Manchurian Candidate sleeper agent levels of subterfuge.

  • Man changes name to Literally Anybody Else and announces US presidential run
  • Shit, I don't know jack shit about this person but I'd lock in this third candidate if it was ranked choice between the three. Seriously, I believe in humanity enough that Guy, Random is my presidential character select choice.

  • Nearly 50% of US parents financially supporting adult children, study finds
  • You have to basically reinsert the meager winnings of your "value" after it was extracted from you, back into the infinite money machine where there is new money but not really much else. It will be used to fund a moderately successful water cartel, Tech-Bubbles-R-Us, Misery Devices and Ammunitions, and the national entities maintaining Da Rules-based economy (subject to modification). You will not be made aware of this as you invest into a NASCAR soundalike that goes up because yes and goes down because fuck you. Only then are you able to retire on the knife's edge of medical poverty.