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Saruman the Stupid


DF Retro Marathon - The Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy - Every Game, Every Port Tested


Gears of War: E-Day | Official Announce Trailer

And that wraps up the Xbox Games Showcase. Pretty good overall, I think.


Assassin's Creed Shadows: First Look Gameplay Trailer - Xbox Games Showcase 2024


Avowed Story Trailer


Atomfall Reveal Trailer - Xbox Games Showcase 2024


WUCHANG: Fallen Feathers Announcement Trailer - Xbox Games Showcase 2024


Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - Official Showcase Reveal

Starfield: Shattered Space - Official Trailer
  • Maybe they’ll get there eventually.

    Unless they rework half the game's mechanics from the ground up, I doubt it.

  • Life is Strange: Double Exposure - Announce Trailer


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 – Xbox Games Showcase 2024


    MIXTAPE | Reveal Trailer

    Seems like an interactive movie


    Winter Burrow Announcement Trailer - Xbox Games Showcase 2024


    Fable - Xbox Games Showcase 2024


    Diablo IV | Vessel of Hatred | Official Release Date Trailer


    Perfect Dark - Gameplay Reveal - Xbox Games Showcase 2024


    Age of Mythology: Retold – Xbox Games Showcase 2024


    Flintlock: the siege of Dawn | Release Date Announcement Trailer


    METAL GEAR SOLID Δ: SNAKE EATER - Official Trailer #1


    World of Warcraft - The War Within Date Announce Cinematic


    South of Midnight | Official Gameplay Trailer

    Hyper Light Breaker - Summer Game Fest Trailer
  • This isn't the first 3D game they made though. They made Solar Ash before this, and it's honestly quite underrated.

  • Climate Change Denial
  • Okay but why is the tweet flashbanging me?

  • Nobara 39 Officially Released
  • Try removing all of them one-by-one and ignore the ones that are trying to remove plasma.

  • I would go to the nine hells and back for him
  • That entire sentence sounds like a title of a visual novel

  • This is way too expensive for a drink.
  • Not to mention Lipton Ice Tea is rubbish. You can make your own for 1/10th of the price, and it'll taste 10x better.

  • What's your favorite game that you will NEVER finish?
  • If we're counting 100%ing, then yeah, Godhome can suck it. Path of pain alone was pushing me to the edge.

  • What's your favorite game that you will NEVER finish?
  • The same devs went on to make Vintage Story and finding copper there can also be a real pain. It's kind of wild to hear their Minecraft mod having the same issue.

  • What's your favorite game that you will NEVER finish?
  • I actually had a similar experience with Hollow Knight where I had to stop playing for a while and when I picked it back up I forgot where I was and where I'm going, so I had to start all over. It was really worth it imo, because the end sections of the game are insanely cool. But I can understand not wanting to repeat ~10-20 hours again.

  • Meta Quest 3 Is Now Used More On Steam Than The HTC Vive
  • Not surprising considering there's little to no competition in that price range. Pretty much every not-bad PC headset is $1000+, and heavy hitters like Valve Index haven't had a hardware refresh in years.

  • Linux reaches new high 3.82%
  • Whew, I was getting worried we were one day into 2024 and nobody said this yet.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • As for price and features I think it will be comparable in price to the PS5 and Series X so around the £450 point.

    I doubt it actually. One of the key selling points of the Switch is the console being cheaper than competition, the Switch going for $300 and Switch Lite going for $200. I think it'll stay the same price or at most be $350 with a general hardware upgrade.

    Also betting on a new 3D mario game being the launch title. I would be surprised if there also isn't DLC or an enhanced edition of Tears of the Kingdom also there.

    From Xbox's side we'll hear more about their new 1st party titles from all those studios they acquired but I don't expect many of them to release this year. Their one popular title will probably be Avowed, which I'm expecting to be basically Skyrim 1.5, janky combat included.

    Other random predictions:

    • Final Fantasy 16 comes to PC (as an Epic exclusive as usual)

    • Hollow Knight Silksong releases late 2024

    • Elden Ring DLC releases within a few months and is a banger

    • Windows game emulation on Android phones and ARM laptops will actually get really good

    • Valheim will still only release 1-2 major updates within the year

    • Many studios will attempt gimmicky AI-enhanced video games then give up when people quickly get over it

    • Netflix will combine or collaborate with Xbox Game Pass in some way

    • Lots of larger sized indie games will release on the Godot Engine instead of Unity.

  • Federation Test
  • Yes we are, but it took a minute or two to be able to see the post.

  • After ten years, it's time to stop making videos.
  • I'm really going to miss his videos, but I'm glad he's ending it on a happy note rather than dragging things on when he doesn't want to. Godspeed, Tom.

  • Man, gaming ads in the 90s were something else.
  • The PlayStation 3 baby commercial was also something else. Playstation has had some real weird marketing moments.

  • The year is 2024. It has been 675 days since Elden Ring released.
  • Offtopic but I’m gonna try out monster hunter world to try to scratch the beeg monsta and beeg sord itch.

    It has rolling so it's technically a souls-like. Godspeed.

  • Best distro for linux gaming?
  • Ludo:

    It’s similar to batocera in that it’s a minimalist UI front-end for emulators, but it’s a bit more modern and simpler to use. It can be used as an application (probably the recommended way), or installed as an operating system if you’re using something weak like a Raspberry Pi.

  • Trial by fire
  • Shoutout to my one friend that had no idea you were supposed to run from Asylum Demon and actually did beat it with the broken short sword

  • Has anyone gotten a game or account ban using Linux with Lutris or Heroic Games Launcher?
  • Not at all, I don't think anyone has ever gotten banned for using alternate launchers on Linux. I've been using Heroic for ~2 years now with no issues.

    The only time you can get banned is if you try playing a multiplayer game that has anti-cheat that doesn't support Linux. Just make sure when playing a multiplayer game that Linux is supported.