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Never believe the hype.
  • As a european i think its fucking disgusting that sick days in america are substracted from vacation days. Don't you deserve any vacation because you happen to be sick more often then someone else?

    Here in germany, if I geht sick during a vacation, i'll call work and get back all the vacation days that I happened to be sick, because everyone should use his vacation days to regenerate and relax, not to lie in bed being sick.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Give it 5 more years in hardware performance improvements and software/model optimization and I don't see a problem. The important part is that improvements are made public for everyone to use and improve upon instead of letting openai and microsoft take the whole cake

  • How Much Energy Would It Take to Pull Carbon Dioxide out of the Air?
  • We'd need a way to attract CO2 to separate it from the rest of the air, and afaik that doesn't exist.

    Call me crazy but what about plants and trees?! 🤷🏼‍♂️

    They might not be 100% efficient but it's dirt cheap to plant them, let alone not destroy the rest we still have

  • I watched Nvidia's Computex 2024 keynote and it made my blood run cold
  • Innovatin is good if it results in clean water, meds, housing, safe food and goods and services.

    It's bad if it means: the most profit for useless shit that people only buy because advertisment made them believe they need it.

    Capitalism is a tool. Please let's grow a pair and stop letting it decide how it will be used. It's like pulling the trigger on an ak47 without holding it tight. Do we expect the weapon to know where to shot?

    Capitalism is a tool that wants to maximize its profits. Unfortunately it discovered that changing the politics and laws is an easy way to do that, even if it's bad for the people.

    Capitalism is per definition not bound to ethics or moral. We need to set rules, even if big corporations made us to believe we shouldn't.

  • I watched Nvidia's Computex 2024 keynote and it made my blood run cold
  • This is a big problem nowadays. Looking a bit into the future these incentives might be the reason that electricity will be available for almost free.

    In the short run, this looks bad: 90% of the energy is consumed by tech. In the long run the technological advancements this creates might be the reason we solve energy problems much quicker and without killing mother earth in the long run. But who knows, we can all just watch in awe and hope for the best.

  • I watched Nvidia's Computex 2024 keynote and it made my blood run cold
  • Is nobody concerned about this:

    Behind the wall, an army of robots, also powered by new Nvidia robotics processors, will assemble your food, no humans needed. We've already seen the introduction of these kinds of 'labor-saving' technologies in the form of self-checkout counters, food ordering kiosks, and other similar human-replacements in service industries, so there's no reason to think that this trend won't continue with AI.

    not being seen as the paradise? It's like the enterprise crew is concerned about replicators because people will lose their jobs.

    This is madness, to be honest, this is what humankind ultimately should evolve into. No stupid labour for anyone. But the truth is: capitalism will take care of that, it will make sure, that not everyone is free but that a small percentage is more free and the rest is fucked.There lies the problem not in being able to make human labour obsolete.

  • How Airbnb accidentally screwed the US housing market and made $100 billion
  • Capitalism is a tool. Without it, we wouldn't have cars, smartphones and so much more.

    The problem is that we started to let the tool decide what is important. And since for them profit is more important then people, we are fucked.

    Is a hammer generally bad because it can crush your fingers?

  • How Airbnb accidentally screwed the US housing market and made $100 billion
  • They are a company with zero morals and the goal to maximize profits. That's what capitalism is for and were it's good at.

    The government needs to create rules and laws to make sure that this profit maximizing doesn't happen on the back of ordinary people, but since corporate america is allowed to control the government through money, this doesn't happen.

    Capitalism is a tool, can we please start to use it like that again?!

  • Let's test that theory
  • So you are saying people like the dalai lama are chewed up losers?

    I always find it interesting to which length people go to not accept simple logic if it would hurt their feelings.

  • I don't know who Wayland is
  • I'll try to explain:

    In the past we only had text terminals without a graphical interface ~1990 (sh / bash / tty). so the display server (Xorg / formaly known as X11) was born. it's a piece of software that allows programs to not only print text to screen but to draw complex geometrical shapes. This allowed for gui programs that use frameworks like qt or gtk or motif... to draw buttons and shit using Xorg.

    For having mutliple "windows" / "programs" running they invented a window manager, that drew a border around the windows with some min / max /close buttons and the modern gui was good to go. btw. the next step are desktop environments like kde or gnome but that would be too much for this post.

    Back to display server (Xorg) and window manager (kwin, mutter, metacity, dwm, awesome, i3...): the design of xorg is super old and has many shortcomings like hdr, variable refreshrate or security: every window can read the contents of or produce input for other windows which is a nightmare for todays security standards.

    So wayland was invented to use state of the art concepts and design. Here comes the big problem: State of the art concepts required wayland to not be a display manager like Xorg. wayland is more like a protocol that defines how to draw windows, resize and close them or how they are allowed to talk to each other. Since wayland is only a protocol+ the window manager now needs to do the heavy lifting of coordinating this protocol, drawing and stuff like that, which in turn results in way less window managers that support wayland because they are complex as hell.

    Since modern software needs to support a heck of a lot of different ways for applications to interact with each other rewriting these functionality for wayland needs time. thats the reason desktop sharing/recording or muting your mic with a keyboard shortcut when the webex window was not in focus wasn't possible at first. new solutiones needed to be developed for that (pipewire for example). Many programs would run in an xorg window that was implemented as a wayland window (xwayland) which made transitioning to wayland much easier but introduced new problems.

    At the moment we are in a transitional phase. many programs already work without problems, but many software still require features wayland doesn't have and might never implement. Everyone needing that software is hating on wayland. everyone needing variable refreshrate, fractional scaling or security prefers to use wayland. And the fighting begins.

    Disclaimer: There might be errors, simplifications or misunderstandings on my side but thats the way i understood if. Feel free to correct any mistakes on my part.

  • To be honest, it is quite complicated now as well with all of the proprietary software
  • TLDR; Windows crap, I love Linux

    Long read ahead, this resulted in a pretty big rant, but I feel better now:

    Windows has way more silly places. From registry to ini files, assemblies, common files, services,'s everywhere.

    Do you know how an MSI packages for software installation work? Let me tell you, it's a mess. An utter and complete garbage format. A database with hundreds of buggy functions, empty lines and internal inconsistencies. There wasn't even a way to create them comfortably without paying for expensive software back then. Yea, im looking at you, flexera admin studio.

    I automated hundreds of custom software installations on 2000 clients from windows 2000 to XP to Windows 7 to Windows 10... for >10 years, so I know what I'm talking about.

    On Linux 99% of apps save global settings in /etc and usersettings in /home/user/.* or the newer way XDG_CONFIG_HOME.

    But since all is a file on Linux every config can simply be copied to restore or backup settings. Almost every tool has man pages. How hard is it to run man tool and read the specifics if you need help? Windows? Sometimes you got some help files in a strange format (.hlp?). Other then that, start the browser and ask Google.

    Linux package managing since 2003 has been better then it ever has been on Windows to this day.

    One command to update all components? Packages will be installed and removed automatically to fulfill the dependencies of the software you want to install? Every package is build by a trusty maintainer of the OS instead of some overworked windows engineer that needs to create profit.

    Do you know how Deb files work? They are simpel zips of the folder structure and files the software consists of. A textfile with metadata like maintainer, name, version and, very important: dependencies. Last but not least there are a two or three files that can contain scripts that need to be executed prior or past installation. That's it. And you can do everything with it.

    On Windows you often are forced to find the right combination of weird parameters to ensure a program starts. commandlines like "c:\windows\powershell.exe -e cmd /c program name", happen way more often then you would expect.

    On Linux I get: Global package manager and updates with trusted packages, no telemetry, more safety, no ads, better privacy...and many more.

    My personal opinion: I don't understand how people can even question the superiority of Linux for personal devices.

  • only two options
  • Here in Germany we had an ad for a "Tiefbauunternehmen" / "civil engineering company".

    The German name translates to "deep building company". Their slogan: "Experten für untenrum" / "professionals for the parts down below".

    I hope the translation works

  • only two options
  • Here in Germany we had an ad for a "Tiefbauunternehmen" / "civil engineering company".

    The German name translates to "deep building company". Their slogan: "Experten für untenrum" / "professionals for the parts down below".

    I hope the translation works