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Absolutely deranged
  • Type-C ports are a lot more sensitive to dirt in my experience. I can keep it working if I clean the port every couple weeks, but at this point I just pretend phones don't have charging ports.

  • Headlines
  • That in the very real and current contest between Biden and Trump that Biden at least supports Ukraine, whereas Trump supports Russia and would likely support Isreal to the extent of starting WWIII in the middle east to bring about the apocalypse for his evangelical base, who earnestly believe they'll be raptured to heaven while the rest of us live through a nightmarish helscape. Which is looking less crazy by the day because some people won't vote for an old man who doesn't 100% align with their political views vs fanatical insanity spearheaded by an also old man.

  • Please vote
  • Kamala Harris, the Vice President becomes President for the remainder of the term. If the President and Vice president die at the same time, the speaker of the house becomes president. There's a very long list of successors beyond that as well.

  • things you can only do with boys
  • Yep, my wife has seen my little baby wiener. The awkward teenage pictures were far more embarrassing though. Hers are buried in a hoarder house so I might never get to see her embarrassing school band photos.

  • The Supreme Court strips the SEC of a critical enforcement tool in fraud cases
  • Conservative: "Then they need to increase taxes! Oh wait..."

    Conservatives literally believe that lowering taxes increases tax revenue by increasing the total revenue to be taxed by more than the decrease caused by a lower rate.

  • Might as well be wearing a neon sign
  • Honestly I'm kinda OK with that.

    A) the legal drinking age, age of consent, voting age, and age of Draft/ military eligibility should be the same. Whether that's 21 or 18 or whatever is up for debate, but if you're old enough to kill people at your country's behest you should be old enough to decide what goes in your body.

    B) Lots of countries are pretty lax about kids drinking small amounts of alcohol, and it doesn't lead to increased negative outcomes.

  • Healthcare? Oooo maybe next time...
  • No, if you're low income and don't get healthcare through your employer it's pretty fucking awesome compared to what came before it, which was "oh, well you see the hospital exit there? Keep going until you hit the gutter and die there kthnx bye. Oh, you have insurance? Well your provider says this is a pre-existing condition, so refer to my original statement."

    The subsidies on the ACA marketplace make insurance feasible, and the restrictions on pre-existing conditions make it actually useful. Even after being gutted.

    You're spreading misinformation that could legitimately cause people harm by not seeking out coverage through Obamacare. Could it be better? Of course.

  • And it just seemed like any other show.
  • Southern people just like symbols of slavery. What's wrong with celebrating symbols of slavery? It's how I was raised. I don't need to consider how descendants of slaves feel about seeing the battle flag of slavers celebrated. People who murdered hundreds of thousands of people so they could continue owning black people just used it as a symbol of institutional hate, what's so wrong with that?

  • Any day now Joe, c'mon man!
  • "I will do my best to push for" is perfectly acceptable and also shows he has basic civics knowledge.

    It isn't acceptable to anyone too dumb to understand the actual meaning. The people that need to be courted need black and white answers. "I'll suck your cock, lower total tax income, derease tax spending to you personally, and less to everyone who isn't literally the singular human hearing this message." Is Trump's promise, and people lap it up like ambrosia.

  • Any day now Joe, c'mon man!
  • Fuck Obamacare! I get my health insurance through the ACA for free cause I lost my job in the coal mine when a big rock crushed my leg! These taxes going to welfare queens are ruining the country! Trump!

  • Any day now Joe, c'mon man!
  • As someone who works for tips in catering, I'd quit the moment tips stopped coming in. $15/hr minimum wage made sense in 2019, today my family would be fucking homeless even with my wife working full time, and I live in a fairly low CoL city. I'd literally be better off not working because daycare costs almost the same amount that I would make.

    Meanwhile I'd have to deal with the stress of 5 assholes every day who think it's ok to order $500 worth of food a piece with 2 hours of notice. No thanks.

    The restaurant industry would come to a grinding halt.

  • The latest Ads
  • Might just be the insane amount of sodium in the meal. Arby's is salty af. Too much salt can cause diarrhea cause your body wants to reach equilibrium and dumps water into your gut to make it isotonic.

    The American physique is prepared for this salt assault by being chronically under hydrated.

  • Washington man arrested after fatally shooting teen who had BB gun
  • I feel like you're being deliberately obtuse, or just trying to be adversarial for the sake of it. His point is that what was going on in the asshole's head was that he was stopping an active shooter situation. He thought that because he was a moron. Had he not had a gun, the moron couldn't have murdered people.

    There's always going to morons, so the problem here is that he was allowed to have a gun. Unless your position is that morons should be euthanized, then you must agree that the solution is gun control, or that morons murdering indiscriminately is 👍