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Canvas 2024 is live!
  • I'm not here to fuck reddit, that would be really weird tbh. I'm here to have a similar experience as reddit without supporting that crap company.

    A lot of people here originate from reddit, and still have the same interests. Especially those who have experience organizing drawings on r/place.

    If there's something you want on there, go find some people and get organized!

  • Old timers know
  • The last time I've rented a Minecraft server was probably over 10 years ago, and as far as I can tell, at the time having to upload stuff through ftp was normal.

    Although reading this thread has also taught me that I know nothing about how deployment works and I need to catch up on that.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Can you elaborate on the Germany part? I am from Germany and I tried to look this up and found nothing. The main thing I found was:

    Die Rechtslage in Deutschland – Ist Spenden sammeln für private Zwecke erlaubt?

    In Deutschland ist das Crowdfunding für private Zwecke erlaubt. Es gibt keinerlei gesetzliche Einschränkungen – du brauchst dir also keine Gedanken zu machen, ob du zuerst einen Verein gründen musst oder einen Gemeinnützigkeitsnachweis benötigst, um online Spenden zu sammeln.

    From GoFundMe

    So it sounds like you can receive private donations for anything no problem. Obviously it's taxable but that should be obvious, and true in most places.