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'Drill, baby, drill': Trump’s Project 2025 would gut all U.S climate policy
  • I'm pretty sure the only options are losing democracy, just at different rates. Not to say don't vote or whatever the libs think people complaining about Biden mean, it's stupid i gotta clarify that but whatever.

  • what're some of your gaming hot takes? In regards to opinions about certain characters or plot points, etc.
  • Convenience is a bad thing. Or, at the very least, convenience isn't useful while inconvenience is.

    The most recent discussion about it is about pause buttons; having a pause button isn't bad, but it doesn't add anything while being unable to pause can. Fast travel is a classic, it stomps over gameplay and enables bad design from developers, it's actively detrimental to many games. Weapon degradation is another big point in favor of inconvenience; when done well it gives a steady resource sink and forces you to plan ahead.

    The obsessive need for everything to be quick and convenient is down right counter to the very idea of a video game and over stimmed children need to chill out.