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I'm an empath
  • Well you can't know how somebody else feels. You can take your best guess. But there is no way to actually know, without asking them. Empaths think they know how somebody feels and to them it's a fact that this person must feel that way, In actuality they could be completely way off because what they are doing is imagining how the other person feels based on how they would feel in the same situation, which might not be true of the other person. So even though they have empathy, they are not an empath, such things can't exist without the ability to mind read, and there's no proof that anybody can do that.

  • If Trump’s conviction lands him in prison, the Secret Service goes too.
  • Yes but he also disrespected the court (falling to sleep and badmouthing people on social media), shows no remorse (claiming innocence despite a unanimous jury) had 34 charges against him (all unanimous) and did it to trick his way into the highest position in office. Which should all be considered when sentencing.

  • Is there any jail time with Trumps conviction
  • Would the fact he was disrespectful to the court (falling to sleep, badmouthing people on social media), shows no remorse (still claiming to be innocent despite overwhelming evidence against and a unanimous jury) and the fact there're 34 charges against him (all unanimously guilty) not factor heavily into his sentencing. Also the reasoning behind what he did, to trick his way into the highest political position in America.

  • [OpenCritic] Senua's Saga: Hellblade II Reviews (82 Top Critic Average 80% Critics Recommend)
  • I didn't play the first one. Though I started playing this last night on game pass knowing nothing about it.

    It's intense, beautiful, intriguing and I'm looking forward to playing more.

    The game itself is more of a story that you sometimes sword fight in. Exceptionally linear, which to me is a refreshing change from the abundance of open world titles available at the moment. The story is interesting, though I'm starting to think I should play through the first one first, there is a recap at the beginning so I feel I'm up to speed on what's happened. The combat is fun, and very cinematic, it feels like every interaction has been coded separately.

    Overall it's a solid 8/10 if you are a fan of narrative story games it's worth a look, though as mentioned I'd be tempted to start at the beginning, there isn't much hand holding through the features which I imagine is explained more in the first game.