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Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski (Reviewed by Daniel P. Haeusser)
  • Oof. If you skip those first two short story books you're gonna have a bad time.

  • S/o to all my πŸ† out there
  • That must be a real pain in the πŸ‘

  • How many of you are actually chatbots?
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  • "~~Don't~~ be evil"
  • Comfifying

  • Fantasy Genres - A Beginner's Guide β€” CultureSlate
  • Mistborn for me is a sore thumb in your examples, it doesn't have anywhere near the level of intricacy in plot, nor the wide range of viewpoints, which I'd classify as Epic. Whereas I'd say the focus on it's magic system and fewer POVs make it a good fit for High as categorised by the writer (again I think that's a bit problematic anyway, but fair enough, it's not a bad distinction).

  • Fantasy Genres - A Beginner's Guide β€” CultureSlate
  • I don't necessarily have a problem with the categories as the writer defines them here (though there is a lot of room to argue about some of this stuff, especially high vs epic) but that aside some of the examples given for each genre are poor representations.

    Edit: The 1st Mistborn trilogy in Epic? Jurassic Park for Science Fantasy?!

  • What made you choose your instance?
  • It was suggested by the sign up process at the top of which domain I should join. I don't remember how, it's already a blur, but afterwards I saw people saying the registration process needed to add a way of directing users to smaller instances as a thing to lighten the load and stop everyone going to and it confused me because that's literally what happened to me.

    Anyway I also noticed it had a steam deck community and that was good enough for me.

  • [Weekly thread] What you reading? Do you need a recommendation? 5th of August
  • I'm only in competition with myself, I suppose, but I did really want a custom flair for the subreddit... Which I no longer visit since joining here... Hmm. It's beginning to feel less important.

  • [Weekly thread] What you reading? Do you need a recommendation? 5th of August
  • Same! D2 is right up there for me, one of my childhood favourites.

    I was so excited to complete the bingo challenge I'm reluctant to abandon the book, but usually I'm very much the same as you and drop books whenever I lose interest.

    At this point though I'm starting to really resent the bingo. I'm just too slow of a reader, it's going to be a struggle to finish it before April.

  • [Weekly thread] What you reading? Do you need a recommendation? 5th of August
  • Hey thanks for the interest!

    The season stuff hasn't affected me so much because I'm still working my way through the campaign. The only thing I've noticed is the vulnerable stat nerf, but my druid werebear is still wrecking, so it's not a deal breaker for me. I only play a little bit at night before bed so it'll be ages before I'm dealing with endgame stuff. I love the game itself so far though. Only issue is a personal preference in that I hate feeling so isolated in dungeons. I miss in D2 when randoms would show up and join in, but D4 only does that in the world map.

    The Trek thing is just the latest in a lifetime of trying and failing to get into the franchise. I've seen some TOS and TNG but that's about it, and it never hooked me, so I thought I'd do something a bit different this time to try and give it another go. So far I'm really enjoying it, Enterprise is surprisingly fun!

    As for the book, I've never enjoyed one so much that I was also desperate to move on from as this. It's just so big, and too slow/slice of life for me. I'm reading it for the Magical Realism spot on this year's reddit fantasy bingo and it's definitely the most well written book I've read so far but my goblin brain wants swords and sorcery.

  • The Neverending Story
  • Good to know, thanks! Something for when he's a bit older definitely. Also sorry lol, hopefully others here enjoy the books too.

  • [Weekly thread] What you reading? Do you need a recommendation? 5th of August
  • Still working my way through The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. Enjoying it, but it's slowed down a bit in the middle, so I'm struggling to sit and focus as much.

    Playing Diablo 4 and watching every Star Trek in chronological order may also be slightly affecting my current reading efforts.

  • The Neverending Story
  • As a 30 something, the movie is part of my dna, but I never read the book sadly. May check it out soon though, I'm trying to get my 7 year old to read more with me atm. And that cover art is beautiful.

  • Trying to build critical mass for small communities
  • I tuuuurn around and look at what I see!

  • Self Published Fantasy Releases – August 2023
  • Signed up, thanks. Now I'm not on reddit I appreciate stuff like this a lot more for keeping up to date on new releases. I follow a similar newsletter for Sword & Sorcery news that I'd recommend to anyone in the same boat.

  • Trying to build critical mass for small communities
  • [email protected] and [email protected] are my personal niches, so if anyone's interested please come over and get stuck in

  • Quick and easy two ingredient burrito
  • Beans 2: Refried

  • /r/SquaredCircle




    r/Fantasy Book Bingo

    Anyone here participating in this year's r/fantasy book bingo? How's it going if so?

    Attached a pic of my card so far. Working my way through Red Sister currently and quite enjoying it, turns out this Mark Lawrence guy is pretty good.

    Edit: just realised I said "this year's" bingo when this may in fact be "the last" bingo. Oh well.