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Manifest V2 phase-out begins
  • LibreWolf is just a fork of Firefox (one of many) which tries to improve its privacy features.

    I am not asking anyone to use this, just merely offering an alternate option. Everyone who accesses the internet has used a browser. What makes a difference for the average user is the GUI and UX.

    If you use vanilla Firefox and don’t tweak the settings, often your DNS will be resolved by either Google, Cloudflare or your ISP.

    There is no perfect solution, only optimal ones.

  • Manifest V2 phase-out begins
  • many people here parrot the same things relentlessly. there is no issue with choosing firefox as your primary driver. every user here can decide on what they want for themselves.

    i am offering other options as the suggestions in this thread (and threads like these) are homogenous.

    Firefox has telemetry settings built-in which you can switch off. LibreWolf strips the telemetry options away and focuses on obfuscating your browser fingerprint.

  • Manifest V2 phase-out begins
  • for those who come and read through these comments, on top of considering not using a chromium-based browser, you could also:

    • configure your own DNS resolver e.g. NextDNS
    • go further and use a fork of firefox e.g. librewolf
  • Days of Darkness: How one woman escaped the conspiracy theory trap that has ensnared millions
  • conspiracy theories are perfect for certain types of people to latch on to because the narrative presented is malleable. If the theory is wrong it can be re-shaped into something new to explain the new unknown.

    if you scrutinised a conspiracy then yes they would generally fall flat, but if someone were the dispenser of that knowledge who imbued themselves with the self-importance of knowing secret details, they could always shift the goalposts and weave a new version of the story to maintain the reality they want to revel in.

  • Netflix adds 13.1 million subscribers, tops revenue estimates
  • At some point they made a decision to change from something else to Netflix, so perhaps they’re not afraid of change but might need a compelling reason to use a different service?

    Could be an opportunity for you to educate them on what options are available and why that will benefit them long term.

  • Flipboard leaves X for Mastodon
  • I often think this. I use a mix of reeder, feedly, vore, instapaper to see what I like.

    However I look at my parents and they’ll use Apple News or whatever news source they trust in a browser.

    Flipboard is used because it makes it easy for people to find aggregated information. What’s easier than something that already does the aggregation for you?

    Often we take for granted things we consider to be normal. I would think everyone has uBlock Origin installed (i’ve used it for years) or something similar, but this is clearly not the case.

  • Transgender players banned from international women’s cricket by ICC
  • the article is quite literally referring to transgender athletes who have gone through male puberty who want to partake in women’s cricket.

    so yes, we do have to acknowledge male bowlers.

    like it’s fine to have an opinion about transgender athletes at the intersections of professional sport and equality, but it’s another to apply your opinion to a sport which i’m assuming you know little about.

    my question to you is have you ever been hit with a cricket ball in the face, body or groin? because i can sure as shit tell you there’s a big difference between 120km/h and 150km/h.

  • Transgender players banned from international women’s cricket by ICC
  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say that not many users on Lemmy follow Cricket or understand it fully. My comment isn’t going to cover if the decision by the ICC is correct (or otherwise) but to provide a little insight into the men and women’s games

    Speed / pace is a noticeable difference between the sexes. I don’t believe there are any current female players that consistently bowl pace over 120km/h. In contrast, male pace bowlers generally try to meet a consistent speed of 135km/h for the same role. The upper bounds for men is roughly 160km/h and maybe only one or two pro players globally can do this.

    There are enough men’s bowlers who can bowl at 150km/h. At this speed an average batter would find it difficult to see the ball. Arguably batters in baseball receive faster pitches but at 150km/h+ including the ball bouncing makes it incredibly difficult to face.

    The batting is also different but it might be harder to explain to a non-cricketing audience why this is.

  • Youtube for iOS without ads
  • iOS doesn’t give many options to remove ads from YouTube videos. You can’t really circumvent the native YT app (at least in my experience). What’s worked for me for the past few years is:

    • watching Youtube in Safari
    • purchasing the Wipr and Vinegar extensions from the App store

    I have not seen a single ad on iOS on YouTube this way. I’m pretty sure Vinegar is doing the heavy lifting specifically on YouTube but Wipr picks up the slack on every other website.