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Proxmox on Laptop, Network Setup
  • You'd probably be better off picking a normal distro and then running QEMU to run Windows or other VMs. Proxmox is more comparable to VMware ESXi in that it is designed for running server VMs and managed through a web ui.

  • Proxmox on Laptop, Network Setup
  • When you say you want to use proxmox as your daily driver, what sort of things are you wanting to do with it? Are you going to be spending most of your time inside a WM, and want to be able to switch to a different VM? I'm struggling to see your use case.

  • Server for a boat
  • This sounds like a job for a raspberry pi 5 with an m.2 hat for storage, software is a less important choice here, so ubuntu's raspberry pi flavour would be my choice. Just make sure you give it power in a form it likes.

  • Putting Privacy Focused Free Speech VPS Providers To The Test.
  • Nowhere was I defending op, just commenting on how weird the Japanese are. You're right about the symbol, I missed that it didn't have a circle, although the term 'ukronazi' is a bit out of place; Ukraine was invaded, not invading. You're right about weebs, this is what comes of fetishising a culture that isn't taught about the second world war.

  • Putting Privacy Focused Free Speech VPS Providers To The Test.
  • The Japanese are a bit different when it comes to Nazi imagery, it seems they don't mean anything by it: they just aren't taught about the second world war properly.

    I would say 'at least it's a peace sign' but, you know, so was the swastika before someone put it in a white circle on a red background and marched into Poland...

  • Deus Ex and the federated net

    One of the things that Deus Ex captured really well was the pseudonymous federated internet; interactions between random strings on different networks that could go on and on without either party learning who they were speaking to. Alex Jacobson had no idea that the Oracle he was receiving messages from was actually a self aware AI on the net.