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Anon is an anthropologist
  • Go solarpunk!

  • This happened
  • once every year since 1995 or so, lately every week?

  • Facebook bloqueia pesquisa da CP – Comboios de Portugal por associação a pornografia infantil
  • A web portuguesa e uma teia de horrores. Porque 1000 captchas em cada página login? Nenhuma das páginas do governo, ou qualquer outra, funciona? Quero ser offline outra vez, já não quero mais disso

  • How do you deal with the poor and desperate around you? (Homeless or some stranger who is in an utterly helpless position)
  • Improve your local community in other ways. Or give in other ways. Not sure what would apply in your local community - I live in rural Western Europe and that's very different from what you describe. People here set up donation boxes, swap shops, create food banks, organize markets, create safe spaces for minority groups, community gardens ... mostly volunteering time. Not sure you are in the position to do this? Sorry things are so heartbreaking. I hope we all figure this out soon.

  • What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
  • How did you like Georgia? I keep beong obsessed by it (because music).

  • What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
  • How did you address your trauma? What methods did you find worked?

  • Farmers ‘at war’ with rural crime gangs
  • The farmers themselves have to come to their senses as well and support these government reforms or eventually the crime gangs might take the land and eat the owner. After that is done I hope we can return to a commons system of land use.

  • Walking with Donkeys
  • They help with slowing down, degrowth, a meditative life. Although the speed depends a lot on the motivation of the donkey. Towards home and a bucket of food they might reach ludicrous speeds temporarily!

  • Farmers ‘at war’ with rural crime gangs
  • Hmm, the farmer interviewed in the article farms 570 ha - maybe consider a restoration of smaller-scale farms and restoration of the commons before complaining about criminals roaming lands the size of an entire village?

    The concentration of ownership into fewer and fewer hand means that smaller farmers had to sell out to the big guys, a process that has been going on for very long. When there is nothing left but large swatches of land owned by single persons what is normal folk supposed to do? Turn into serfs again? It's not even possible anymore because most farmers will just import the cheapest farmhand from other countries because nobody can live a dignified life from the pittance they pay workers.

    Not to forget, with large areas of land in a single hand comes monoculture and all the destruction associated with it.

    Fuck it, distribute the land to the crime gangs and teach them how to garden.

  • Walking with Donkeys
  • My dream is to use the donkeys as my main means of transport. I've had so many cars broken recently, I don't know why I bother anymore.

  • What's the most recurring theme/element in your nightmares?
  • trying to catch trains, trying to find the correct room at university ...

  • The War On Weeds | NOEMA
  • Where I live Mimosa kills everthing where it grows, so does Eucalyptus. But watching (and unsuccessfully fighting it) during two decades I find that it ultimately can't outgrow the native species, it finds a more humble place in the landscape with time. Yes we shouldn't stupidly introduce new stuff left and right, but the idea that invasives could be removed entirely feels entirely impossible (how? and where to draw the line?), and also frighteningly fascist, to me. Managing a landscape by building diverse ecosystems where the 'invasives' have place and function seems to be a more fruitful (!) thing to do imo.

  • The War On Weeds | NOEMA
  • Sounds too much like 'the war on weeds' only for humans. Still no thanks. We can grow smaller but lets take it easy. Also if we squash ourselves back who is gonna fight the invasives (/s because I don't think the term even makes sense)

  • Repairing a mug with kintsugi
  • The idea of a slow and careful crafts movement aligns with a more sustainable society, because it slows things down. Best way of slowing down is like this: create things very beautiful, even out of broken stuff.

  • The War On Weeds | NOEMA
  • You decide which human is invasive? No thanks. As for invasive plants, are we going to take all our agricultural plants back to where they came from as well?

  • The War On Weeds | NOEMA
  • Every plant in the garden and in the surrounding landscape has a use. There is no weed. Learning how to use plants again is important!

  • reminder: hope is a revolutionary act. despair supports the status quo
  • Yours is just one of many versions of 'why I personally don't do anything': I'm all for change, but the others don't want!

    Society will never be fully aligned on the solutions and you cannot expect everyone to agree with you, but you still can work for your preferred solutions in smaller groups?

  • Scientists Pinpoint Main Cause of Sensory Hypersensitivity in Autism
  • I would take diagnosis around Neurodiversity with a grain of salt. I suspect both conditions might be the same brain differences presenting differently, and I don't think science has really gotten to the ground of this yet.

  • Wacky migraine soothing techniques?
  • I'm written off as well. Extreme nausea, where the bits of reflection happen between the repeated sessions of throwing up. It's like a really bad trip of the sort one would never ever want to repeat.

  • In Person Activism schmorp

    Where does the compost go? A town hall mystery

    As composting enthusiasts who want to build a project around compost, we had been intrigued about the waste ever since the council had announced their new bio waste collection program and advertised everywhere for people in town to collect and deliver theirs. They handed out buckets, a few containers appeared in two neighbourhoods, and it had something to do with the sustainable development goals.

    But no composting facility anywhere in the council, so we asked around and finally got hold of the right person. Found out the waste is carried a hundred kilometers away to a huge central facility, once a week.

    Now we need to find out if they let us do better than that?


    Server as heating device - how do I do this?

    So I have this silly idea/longterm project of wanting to run a server on renewables on my farm. And I would like to reuse the heat generated by the server, for example to heat a grow room, or simply my house. How much heat does a server produce, and where would you consider it best applied? Has anyone built such a thing?

    24 Cyber Security: A Pre-War Reality Check - Bert Hubert's writings

    This is a lightly edited transcript of my presentation today at the ACCSS/NCSC/Surf seminar ‘Cyber Security and Society’. I want to thank the organizers for inviting me to their conference & giving me a great opportunity to talk about something I worry about a lot. Here are the original slides with ...

    Cyber Security: A Pre-War Reality Check - Bert Hubert's writings

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    Amanda Smeltz, "The Red Dot in the Middle of the Queen Anne's Lace".



    they raise you somewhere between quiet complacency and revolutionary rage and hope you choose wisely one day

    these shoes are very big they might be clown shoes my mouth sewn shut between quiet rage and no agency

    then disapprove of you and your quiet despair but you had everything i had more than i could stomach

    when you meet them again even smaller than last time their childish tearful eyes asking you are we free yet?


    Hydro Power Overview

    A good overview and link collection around small scale hydro power technologies

    In Person Activism schmorp


    Small reminders for stupidly big cars



    Small reminders for stupidly big cars


    Water is running again, ram pump installation year 2

    A couple of years ago I built two ram pumps and installed them in the stream near my house. They pumped water for the garden for a few months during spring and summer. I'm okay with the fact that the pumps are just useful during part of the year, but didn't really like damming up the entire stream for my installation, seemed rude towards wildlife.

    So this year I returned with a longer tube and just took the water from further upstream. I have only about 70cm head. I haven't really measured the height I'm getting, but it's more than the first year and enough for what I want to do.

    My installation in the stream is very simple: fence post hammered/wedged into the stream bed, pump tied to it with wire. Everything wobbles a tiny bit. Might return and solidify that later, but I love it when stuff is so simple that I can just throw it into the stream and it works. After a while of pumping by hand it just runs. Variations in water height might stop it as it sits low in the water. Will report back tomorrow.

    This is for a reservoir IBC and washing tank outside the kitchen. I'm thinking about adding a solar heating panel in there as well.

    The image is of a smaller kid-sized pump that I want to turn into a demonstration model to take to markets and fairs.


    Comparison: Coop Cloud, Yunohost, similar platforms

    If you have tried several self-hosting platforms like the above, please share your experience.

    I have so far only tried Yunohost and I'm quite satisfied. It does help to read French, sometimes solutions can be hidden in French forum topics.

    Coop Cloud seems to be docker-based, as far as I understand, and I just never managed to wrap my head around containers and why I should use them. Not sure though if Yunohost does container stuff in the background that I am not aware of?

    I've just started to use my Yunohost installation for some small scale collaborative stuff so I really hope it scales (to probably not more than 100 users) and keeps running smoothly. Starting to host common stuff is a little more scary than just fucking up my own private files.


    Web browser have extended way passed what was necessary

    cross-posted from:

    > Web browsers were very limited compared to today's offerings but still very extensive when compared to other applications. Now, browsers on desktop are at a point where they're equivalent to an OS in scope. > > This frustrates me as it's led to stagnation, where very few companies can hold their position. Firefox can only keep up due to preexisting groundwork and the large amount of funding from Google. Chrome had billions thrown at it to quickly enter the market. > > The thing that kills it the most for me is there is no way to fix the massive amount of effort needed for a web browser. It's extensive because it has to deal with thousands of situations: image rendering, video rendering, markup language support (HTML), CSS support, JavaScript support, HTML5 support, security features, tabbed browsing, bookmarking and history, search engine integration, cross-platform compatibility, performance optimisation, developer tools, accessibility features, privacy controls, codec support, to name a few. > > Now, for my unpopular opinion: stripping back a general-purpose browser to its core, forcing web redesign, and modularising the browser. Rather than watching videos in the browser, an instance of VLC would be started where the video will be streamed. Instead of an integrated password manager and bookmarks, we have something akin to KeepassXC with better integration. Markup documents and articles automatically open in word processing applications. I know this idea seems wholly impossible now, but it often crosses my mind.


    Anarchists Gather for Conference at the Corner of the World Anarchists Gather for Conference at the Corner of the World - UNICORN RIOT

    A global gathering of anarchists took place in Mexico in late January, focusing on international resistance to border militarization.

    Anarchists Gather for Conference at the Corner of the World - UNICORN RIOT
    0 Doncaster giant airship plant to create 1,200 jobs

    Hybrid Air Vehicles aims to make 24 ships a year at the site in Doncaster.

    Doncaster giant airship plant to create 1,200 jobs

    Did someone say airship?


    The herbal solidarity project resisting state oppression The herbal solidarity project resisting state oppression - Freedom News

    Freedom introduces its new PROFILE category, where we will focus on people or organisations; we begin with activist Nicole Rose.

    The herbal solidarity project resisting state oppression - Freedom News

    be not afraid

    what if the angel came as a mushroom or divorce a disease or a despair what if it kissed your head so impossibly pale you forget how to breathe for a moment for the lifetime of an empire and then remember again

    Board Games schmorp The Landlord's Game: Lizzie Magie and Monopoly's Anti-Capitalist Origins (1903)

    The story of how a homemade, anti-capitalist game created by a woman becomes a mass-produced uber-capitalist game that profited a man.

    The Landlord's Game: Lizzie Magie and Monopoly's Anti-Capitalist Origins (1903)

    Rather relevant. I had no idea 'Monopoly' had an anti-capitalist predecessor.


    Web3 and land stewardship, need ELI5

    Web 3, nature conservacy, crypto-somthing, blockchain? So this organization appears to be buying land to then put in the hands of stewardship organizations. One of the places being bought under this scheme is Traditional Dream Factory.

    Their plans and ideas seem sound, I just don't understand the crypto part and tokens and what these are supposed to accomplish as opposed to something like traditional shares or just write everything down on a piece of paper?

    Is crypto ultimately just an ultra complex way of record keeping here?

    I would really appreciate your opinions. In terms of activities and spaces, a lot of the TDF setup is very close to what we would like to build, so I try to study and understand different ways people organize such projects.

    In Person Activism schmorp

    Looking for resources - community center

    A group of friends is currently planning to approach the local council about getting to rent or being ceded some kind of facility to use as community space and find out about other support options that might be available for such a project.

    While working with local government (or depending on them) has its risks and might turn out to be the wrong approach, we will at least consider it in the beginning - it might be surprisingly easy to get a space in this way, considering the many empty and abandoned properties where we live. Stepping in with a project the council deems support-worthy could really get us started.

    So for that, I would like to design a small brochure or presentation with our ideas and find that rather hard. I have a list with what we would possibly include in such a space, but could do with some inspiration as to how to present it so it highlights how the community will profit from this project.

    Has anyone ever designed such a document, or knows of one they could share? Or has any ideas to share? Successful recipes could and should be copied, documented, passed on.

    So far, imagining loads of space and a factory-sized building, the ideal community space could have:

    Space for Community, Collaboration, Cooperation

    Compost and growing

    Outdoor event space

    Metal/vehicle workshop

    Community Kitchen

    Office and collaboration space

    Wood/Electronics workshop

    CNC/3D printing/Hacker space

    Indoor event space


    Mushroom lab


    Community server for a local community

    Preference of community hosting instead of self hosting has recently come up in a permacomputing chat, and in this sense I am trying to set up a tiny yunohost server that can serve my local alternative community - a series of mostly rural living people spread throughout the landscape around a small towns. I want to support local barter and trade, local tool sharing and connections between people.

    I am trying to feel my way towards what functions could be useful for a mostly non-tech community, and what is out there to self-host? And what is especially useful and makes sense for local communities? Event calendar, small ads and some sort of map functions come to mind, what else? I guess a lot of what Facebook does.

    As I don't see myself in the position to replace Facebook anytime soon but would like to pave the way towards having Facebook and the like replaced by many small scale solutions like the server I am building, I would like the server to have other useful stuff. Currently using CryptPad for collaborative editing, got a SearXNG instance and a digital book shelf with stuff related to gardening, foraging, homesteading, renewables, but none of this is really local. Maybe offering people a small portfolio website where they can put their offerings, skills?

    I currently have an Epicyon instance installed that does all of this, it has skill sharing, item sharing, even a calendar, and I really like what it does - but I'm afraid it might be a little tough on the non-tech users.

    Please dump your suggestions and ideas about what could live on such a server. As I am still a baby admin I'm not too far in to notice that people's eyes glaze over when I mention things like 'server' or 'search engine'. Trying to keep it intuitive enough for a big enough group might be a challenge, especially when keeping it all clean and FOSS. Probably needs to work really well on mobile phone as well.


    Permacomputing site has been revamped

    The abundance of digital storage and processing power has caused an explosion in wastefulness, which shows in things like ridiculous hardware requirements for computing even the most trivial tasks. Permacomputing is about using computation only when it has a strengthening effect on ecosystems.