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Sen. Lindsey Graham Suggests Nuking Gaza, Calls Hiroshima ‘the Right Decision’
  • Some disclaimers

    I am a 50+ year old American

    Up until 10ish years ago I had at least a better than average understanding/knowledge of WWII

    My ex's grandmother's family was from Hiroshima and they had family members killed in the bombing.

    All that said as tragic as they were I still think those bombs were the correct military decision at that time. I would be willing to have a rational conversation about it though.

    The situation in Gaza is completely different and Lindsey Graham and the rest of the GOP are fucking ghouls.

  • Trump is funneling campaign money into cash-strapped businesses. Experts say it looks bad.
  • In a normal world it makes some sense.

    If you own a catering business and are running for congress there's nothing wrong with you hiring your own firm, AT FAIR MARKET VALUE, for an event rather than hiring a competitor.

    The problem is is that Trump has broken everything, and now takes what should be reasonable rules/laws and turns them into more grift.

  • Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered has a warning about racial and ethnic stereotypes
  • In what world is that a question for a reasonable person?

    A media company remade and re-released a piece of media and acknowledged that there may be problematic content, but that we should consider the time the media was made.

    You don't need to know what the problematic content is, just accept their statement on it.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • It's like an algebra equation. Genocide is on both sides of the equation, so we can cancel it out. Then we are left with Biden being a ridiculously old Boomer and Trump wanting to finish destroying our democracy.

  • United Farm Workers endorses Biden, says he's an 'authentic champion' for workers and their families
  • This "take" is what's wrong with American politics. If Biden can't push either of those through an opposition House that would never do anything he wants, you will actively enable the other side, who would undo all of the good done, to win?

  • Do you still watch YouTube? Who do you follow?
  • The only YouTube channel I currently wat h is Cracking the Crypic. It's 2 British guys that solve various logic puzzles; mostly sudoku and most of those are crazy variations on sudoku. Each video also has a link so you can also play the puzzle if you want to.

    There is one of the presenters I much prefer to the other but the entire channel and community around them is one of the most wholesome things on the web.

    Highly recommended if any of that sounds interesting to you.