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Natural Submissiveness
  • According to this logic no one should have to be reminded to stay hydrated if drinking water was natural to man.

    Fake deep post by a 15 year old enlightened by their first bong hit I would guess.

  • Natural Submissiveness
  • if drinking water was natural to humans, they would never need to be reminded to stay hydrated.

    edit: don't mean to be sexist, only mocking a stupid comparison likely drummed up by a 15 years old enlightened by their first bong hit

  • The epic bust-up between China and India could be ending
  • Pakistan has almost always had stellar (almost vassal state like) relations with China, the fuck are you talking about. If anything, this will help introduce China as a balancing force between India and Pakistan.

  • Straw Hat Riot
  • A great read, thank you for posting!

    It was socially acceptable for stockbrokers to destroy each other's hats, due to the fact that they were “companions”,but it was not acceptable for total strangers. If any man was seen wearing a straw hat, he was, at minimum, subjecting himself to ridicule, and it was a tradition for youths to knock straw hats off wearers' heads and stomp on them. This tradition became well established, and newspapers of the day would often warn people of the impending approach of the fifteenth, when men would have to switch to felt or silk hats. Hat bashing was only socially acceptable after September 15, but there were multiple occasions leading up to this date where the police had to intervene and stop teenagers.

  • Everyone deserves addiction treatment that works — including those in jail
  • that is so sad to hear. addiction treatment needs to be holistic in its approach otherwise it simply isn't very effective. for that, look to the Swiss on how they implemented their heroin addiction clinics. (too lazy to post a link, sorry)

  • New Government must restore nature as ‘top priority’, green groups urge
  • you are correct sir, I see many local councils making effort with their local area, and that is where attention should be focused I feel. hoping or expecting Westminster to pull the thumb out and do something is a fools errand.

  • Government officials ignore scientific evidence to allow unnecessary killings of wild animals: 'I can find no justification'
  • but my morals only allow me to care for photogenic farm animals, not those pesky nasty vermin that are exterminated by the tens of thousands in order to plant hectares of mostly nutritionally useless soy monocrop, all so I can follow a diet that will lead to me looking like a Holocaust victim.