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Have you ever ridden a sleeper train?
  • haha yes you should have. Mine was from Switzerland to Budapest and back. It was okay, just a little tight. I also didn't like the stops during the night, for example in Vienna. But it's definitely and experience. Just next time I book a more comfortable cabin.

  • If I had a time machine I'd rather go back to the beginning of my vacation and live in that loop
  • I don't know if killing Hitler would automatically lead to a better world. What if they had a leader who was not so dumb and attack the soviet union? It could be like in Stephen Kings 11/22/63 where he prevents the assassination of Kennedy but then the future is much worse.

  • How are you all planning to watch the 2024 Olympics?
  • You could install kodi and get an IPTV account and set it up. Some european public broadcasters also have web streams for all the events, if you don't care to much about the language. But you might need a VPN for that.

  • Proton VPN on Linux very slow

    I am using the offical Linux Client (4.3.2) on Fedora but the connections are very slow. I played around with the few settings the client offers but it's not getting better. Sometimes the speedtest seems okay with UDP, but when I download large files the speed stays around a few hundred kilobytes per second. Without VPN the same downloads are much, much faster ofc.

    Anyone having the same issues? Is anyone even using the official client? Or is it better to directly add the connection? Also the GUI of the VPN client seems to be very slow and buggy.